The Most Hated NFL Player Opponent Of The AFC And NFC West Fan Base EditorialFeaturedOpinionPremium NFL
May 9, 2018

The Most Hated NFL Player Opponent Of Each AFC And NFC West Fan Base

Who is the most hated NFL player opponent of each NFL fan base? Well after extensive research and polling, Sports Al Dente has the answer for you. We begin with…
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AFC West / NFC West Featured

Cardinals Training Camp

Biggest Questions Heading Into Cardinals Training Camp

| Arizona Cardinals, NFC | No Comments
The three biggest question marks heading into Cardinals camp as they look to rebound from a disappointing 2017 season.
West Coast Offense

The Beauty Of The West Coast Offense

| NFC, San Francisco 49ers | No Comments
West Coast Offense: Arguably the most artistic of all offenses in football. Every player on the offense has to be in sync for the play to work.

2018 Season Will Be Defining For Emmanuel Sanders

| AFC, Denver Broncos | No Comments
Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders stands at the precipice of one of the biggest seasons in his career. Here is why this season is so important for him.
Fantasy Busts Amari Cooper

Most and Least Improved Oakland Raiders Position Groups

| AFC, NFL Featured, Oakland Raiders | No Comments
Most and Least Improved Oakland Raiders Position Groups: The Raiders have added key pieces to both the offensive and defensive units, but is it enough?
Arizona Cardinals 2018 NFL Draft Grade

Is A Running Back Headache Really Worth It To The Cardinals?

| Arizona Cardinals, NFC | No Comments
Without doing any research it's easy to assume that less than 1/4 of teams in the NFL rely on a primary running back, however the Cardinals are one of them.
Royce Freeman

Royce Freeman Signing Closes Out Denver’s 2018 Draft Class

| AFC, Denver Broncos | No Comments
The 71st pick overall, Royce Freeman is now officially a Denver Bronco, signing his rookie contract on July 5th, the last of the 2018 rookie class.

Arizona Cardinals Have A Duel In The Desert For Starting Quarterback

| Arizona Cardinals, NFC | No Comments
The 2018 Arizona Cardinals have an unfamiliar problem on their hands. One many teams would love to have: two good quarterbacks. It's a Duel in the Desert!
Buck Shaw

The Forgotten First Coach Of The 49ers

| NFC, San Francisco 49ers | No Comments
Buck Shaw: He arrived in San Francisco to build a team the city could be proud of and worked hard to establish a winning tradition.

Fantasy Football


Fantasy Football 101 – The Zero RB Draft Strategy

| Fantasy, Featured | No Comments
Fantasy football is right around the corner. Now is the time to start putting together cheat sheets and reading up on depth charts of all 32 teams.

Dynasty Losers From The NFL Draft: Veterans

| Dynasty, Fantasy, Featured | One Comment
There are many fantasy winners from the NFL draft, however, we cannot forget that for every veteran dynasty winner, there are veteran dynasty losers.

The Top 10 Fantasy Rookies To Watch Out For This Season

| Fantasy, The Menu | No Comments
Just a few months away until the 2018 NFL season kicks-off, so it's time to take a look at the top 10 fantasy rookies before the live action on the…
Dynasty Winners From The NFL Draft

Dynasty Winners From The NFL Draft: Veterans

| Dynasty, Editorial 2, Fantasy, Featured | No Comments
Which rookies will be the biggest dynasty winners in their first season remains to be seen, but in all the excitement let's not forget about the veterans. Everywhere you turn…


Sting & Taker Editorial 2Premium WWESuperstar ProfilesWWE Featured
June 24, 2018

WWE Fantasy Matchups: Sting Versus The Undertaker

Sting versus The Undertaker would have been the biggest draw in years but we never witnessed it, until now. The second in our series of fantasy matchups!

Latest Podcast

The Coach And The Don FeaturedSAD PodcastsThe Coach And The Don
July 7, 2018

Interview SB Nation Field Gulls Managing Editor; Jersey Beer Run 51-60

During a scorching heat wave in Los Angeles, The Coach And The Don interview Kenneth Arthur, managing editor for FieldGulls.com, part of SB Nation.

NBA Featured

Kings Free Agency

The Kings Free Agency And Who They Should Sign

| NBA Featured, Sacramento Kings | No Comments
A great look at prospected free agents the Kings should sign and reasons why.
Los Angeles Lakers Free Agent Signings

Los Angeles Lakers 2018 Free Agency Moves

| Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Featured | No Comments
After signing free agent LeBron James, they completed their free agency agenda by adding defensive players: Rondo, McGee, Stephenson, and Caldwell-Pope.
LeBron James

LeBron James Signs With The Los Angeles Lakers

| Los Angeles Lakers | No Comments
Klutch Sports announces that LeBron James will be signing with the Los Angeles Lakers on a four-year, $153.3 million-dollar.
Vlade Divac Sacramento Kings

Major Things To Watch For With The Sacramento Kings

| Sacramento Kings | No Comments
A quick look at the Sacramento Kings and their young core at the NBA Summer League, and a brief preview of their upcoming 2018-2019 season.
Los Angeles Clippers

The LA Clippers Free Agency Grades

| Los Angeles Clippers, NBA Featured | No Comments
LA Clippers Free Agency Grades: Over the past few years the Los Angeles Clippers have lost a few key players to their franchise, and are trying to rebuild.


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WWE Featured

Preview: WWE Extreme Rules

| PPV, WWE Featured | No Comments
WWE's Extreme Rules PPV is tonight, as the final stop before SummerSlam features 12 matches across five hours of wrestling. Here are our predictions for the show.
Brock Lesnar

The Dive: Time To Say Goodbye To Brock Lesnar

| WWE Featured, WWE Opinion | No Comments
Brock Lesnar's mystique has worn off and now the WWE Universe is tired of him being one of their champions. The Dive discusses how it is time to move on.

Rusev Finally Gets a Deserved Title Shot

| Raw & SmackDown, WWE Featured, WWE Opinion | No Comments
Rusev has finally been put in a position he has yet to be in his WWE career. At Extreme Rules he will get his first ever WWE championship match.
U.S Champion

Ranking The Ten United States Champions Of The 1970’s

| WWE Featured, WWE Rankings | No Comments
In the coming weeks, we here at Sports Al Dente will be ranking the best U.S. Champions of each decade. The first decade we'll start with is the 1970's.

The Dive: Undertaker And Mankind Live On In Infamy 20 Years Later

| WWE Featured, WWE Opinion | No Comments
The Undertaker and Mankind took their place in wrestling history 20 years ago when Taker threw Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell structure.
The Demon King

Ranking Every NXT Champion

| NXT, WWE Featured, WWE Rankings | No Comments
July 1st marks the 6th anniversary of the NXT Championship. We've decided to rank the 13 superstars who have the distinction to call themselves NXT champion