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Fantasy teams are beginning to take hold for the playoff spots, how is your team holding up? Week 8 is upon us coaches and we must build the depth of our team. Big fantasy football points are on their bye weeks, including the Chargers, Cowboys, Falcons, and Titans. So where better to help band-aid your team, than some sleepy players to do some patchwork on your line up in this weeks:

10 Fantasy Football Week 8 Sleepers

10. – Marlon Mack

I think starting the list as a count down from most obvious sleepers to least would be the most appropriate. Mack has been making a name for himself in the Colts backfield. Last week he hauled in 126 rushing yards and 2 total touchdowns on offense, making him a fairly obvious pick for the list. In deeper leagues he is definitely not available but for a soft 8-10 man league, he may be on the board. At the very least, if you own Mack, this is the week you should start him, as he could replace some players like Ezekiel Elliott while on the bye.

9. – Tyrell Williams

Tyrell Williams has been a booming player for the Chargers offense. I know I just mentioned they had a bye so he could float in the free agency for a little longer. Better to scoop him up now while no one thinks of it, than miss out on some dynamic playing time. Williams totaled Week 7 with 21 pts (PPR) and Week 6 with 26. Obviously, this is some doing with Keenan Allen’s injuries but with Williams hot streak, he may be a solid start, at least for this week.

8. – Tarik Cohen

This committee backfield in the NFL has become a huge thing. Chicago does it, New England does it, Denver does it, Atlanta is infamous for it. Cohen is the product of all this mess. Jordan Howard is the feature back (just barely) and Cohen is the change of pace. A shift has begun to take place where change of pace backs are racking up more points than feature backs, without the same amount of playing time. Instead of denying the current, float with it.

7. – John Brown

The number two receiver for the Baltimore Ravens is currently 10 targets behind Michael Crabtree, for the 2018 season. Yet has over 27 points on the number one receiver, as well has 40 points over Willie Snead. Brown doesn’t get as much attention from Joe Flacco as the veteran receiver does, but there is plenty of upside to Brown being on your team. With Crabtree stealing all the corner’s vision, Brown can fly under the radar for some break out plays.

6. – Brock Osweiler

This is a shout out to all the coaches out there that are missing Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan. Osweiler is the back up for Ryan Tannehill, but is playing like the starter Houston paid him to be. With his Week 6 debut for the Dolphins, Osweiler put up sensational numbers; 380 passing yards and 3 TDs. Out Of Sight. Week 7 the yards simmered down but the scores were still there, 239 yards for 2 TDs. Both of his starts are 20+ point games, making Osweiler a midnight snack for your sleeper appetite.

5. – Danny Amendola

Albert Wilson’s injury, means more targets for Amendola. Already, he has been dynamic for Osweiler these past two weeks and with fellow receiver Wilson hurt, Amendola could be leaned on even more for points. In Week 7, he had only one dropped ball and 6 receptions for 84 yards and a TD. While the week before he had 11 targets and 8 receptions and that was with a healthy Wilson having his blow out game. The Dolphins could have some points to grab in the rest of this fantasy season.

4. – Chris Ivory

LeSean McCoy was sidelined during last week’s game against Indy and Ivory became the starting back. Before we start riding the injury train, I would like to mention that Ivory has been a part of the committee backfield thing that Buffalo has been attempting. In Week 3 we can see how his usage begun as a constant check down for whoever was playing quarterback, but now Ivory’s relevance might begin to sky rocket.

3. – Robby Anderson

After Week 5’s blow up game, there is no way Anderson could compare by the time Week 6 hit and it shows in his numbers. He had no deep balls but the same amount of targets. Fast forward to Week 7 and the targets multiply two fold because of Quincy Enunwa’s injury. Anderson had 10 targets and appeared to be the number one receiver with only three receptions, yet had the most receiving yards for any wideout that game.

2. – Austin Ekeler

With Melvin Gordon’s sudden sit in London’s game last weekend, Ekeler could be the starter to come from the Chargers after the bye. The week gives Gordon some time to heal up but if the case may be that this injury takes longer to heal, or nags throughout the season, Ekeler could be the guy that is hand-cuffed to Gordon. This would almost give him a “Tevin Coleman like value if Coleman didn’t just become the lead back in Atlanta. Ekeler got double-digit rushing attempts and appears to be involved in the passing game. Ekeler might be a sketchy sleeper but we’re all in fantasy, so we enjoy a little gamble.

1. – Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold completes the list as the sketchiest sleeper for myself because he is a rookie QB in a city that chews up players like they’re a piece of gum. Eli Manning gets it full throttle so I am sure seeing another New York team QB getting grilled each week can’t be the best to add enthusiasm. In Week 7 Darnold had 3 picks but still landed over 20 points. Week 6, 22 points, Week 5 again 22 points. Darnold has been on a roll for points but not statistics. He plays an ugly game but for your team he has the potential to get a lot of points.

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