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There is a lot of talk at the moment about the Raiders, and all of it is bad. They have been compared to some of the worst NFL teams in history. They have been accused of tanking for draft picks. Derek Carr is being compared to his brother and Jon Gruden is the most hated man on the west coast.

Come Sunday, everything changes. It’s about football now. Put your hatred aside and watch the team you love play the Arizona Cardinals.

These two sides are desperate for a win. Not to help their season get back on track, but for their fans to have something to be happy about for a week.

Quarterback Derek Carr has two main offensive weapons. Tight end Jared Cook and versatile running back Jalen Richard.

Richard is still developing into an NFL player. He is surprising everyone every time the Raiders play. Not only does he have the awareness to stop, start and change his run on the go, but he is also a pass catcher. This quality is becoming more common in running backs in 2018, but it is certainly not the norm.

Richard, yet to score a touchdown in 2018, is an excellent receiver on the end of a play action pass. His 48 receptions for 400 yards are solid for a young player. Look for him and Carr to continue this trend for the rest of the season.

Derek Carr Isn’t As Bad As Stats Suggest

Some of Derek Carr’s stats are good. He has thrown for 2,441 yards through nine games, more than Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson, and Carson Wentz. He is also on track to have the second most losses through the first five seasons of a career. Bettered only by his brother.

Raiders fans cant change what has happened this season, all they can do is look forward to a great clash with the Cardinals on Sunday.

Carr’s number one receiver, tight end Jared Cook will be looking to again impress with the football, as he has done all season.

These two have been a great combination and will need to shine again on Sunday if the Raiders are to beat the Cardinals.

Its time to put your hatred aside for 60 minutes and remember why you love the Raiders.

Go beat those Cards.

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