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AFC West Post Week One – Power Rankings


Current Ranking: 18

The Broncos defense had an amazing Week 1, coming out strong and managing the game well. Von Miller was a huge contributor in the dismantling of the Seattle offense, getting three sacks on Russell Wilson,¬†while the team totaled five. It has to be concerning that Case Keenum had a 1:1 TD to INT ratio on the night, but it was his first game in Denver. It’ll take him some time to get used to the setting.


Current Ranking: 13

There were many unanswered questions for the Chiefs going into Week 1. Where’¬†Eric Berry? Will Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt return to 2017 form? Will Patrick Mahomes be able to handle the pressure? All these were answered as Hill returned the game’s first punt for a 91 yard touchdown. Then it was Maholmes time to shine as he completed the game with four TD passes. As it goes for Eric Berry, you’ll see him next week against the Steelers.


Current Ranking: 15

After, giving up a 91 yard punt return on the first play things, were not going in the direction that the Chargers wanted. It was also going to be a rough day without 2016 DPOTY Joey Bosa on the field. Phillip Rivers performed extremely well throwing for 3 touchdowns and only 1 interception of his season debut. This is a plus for Chargers fans, considering Rivers is in his 15th year in the league. The Chargers are sure to bounce back next week when they take on the Bills.


Current Ranking: 28

Last Week: N/A

The Raiders managed to keep the game close between the Rams heading into the third quarter before the offense started to take off for LA. They scored 23 of their 33 points in the second half, outplaying the Raiders. Derek Carr needs to improve after a three INT night, no matter how well the team performs around him. Jon Gruden showed that he could make adjustments and keep up with the Rams’ premier players. If only the Raiders could execute the plays and not get penalized, the game could’ve had a different outcome.

It has to be concerning that Case Keenum had a 1:1 TD to INT ratio on the night, but it was his first game in Denver.

Week Two Match Ups

Check back next week to see the updated power rankings for the AFC West!

(All game times are in MTN time)

11:00 A.M. Chargers Vs. Bills

11:00 A.M. Chiefs Vs. Steelers

2:25 P.M. Broncos Vs. Raiders (AFC West Matchup of The Week)

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