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Andre Dillard Continues To Be The Anchor For The Cougar’s Solid Offensive Line

This weeks game against Stanford has huge implications for the Cougs and the PAC-12 North. Winning here would give a great chance of Washington State representing the North in the conference championship game. Wazzu will win by one touchdown in this game, which might be closer than some think! Let’s take a look at how our prospects did last week and see what the forecast is in Palo Alto, CA!

James Williams – RB

Rushing: 9 carries, 53 yards, 5.9 YPC, 1TD

Receiving: 7 receptions, 42 yards, 6 YPR, 0TD

If you want to know why James Williams getting the ball in his hands is so important, watch his first touchdown run, which can be seen here courtesy of Fox Sports. The Ducks have some great tacklers on this team, so for him to shake many of them on this 24-yard TD run, really says something about his ability.

Let’s break a few things down in this play. First, his vision. He runs inside like the play is designed to do, but he quickly shifts his eyes to the outside once he sees the whole is not open. Second, he uses his agility to shift his body to make his way outside. Finally, he combines his agility with his strength to stay up when making contact with the defenders.

He really makes plays and he will be one of the steals of the draft. If you follow me on Twitter, you will see my thoughts on this. While he may not be drafted high, I see him making an impact like Phillip Lindsay. He is just a difference maker once he is out there. You never question his work ethic. While he had a host of other plays in this game, I wanted to specifically break down this one play, because it exemplifies what kind of a package you get with Boobie.

Game Day Grade: A

Current Draft Stock: 6th Round

Preview Against Stanford

Stanford is in kind of a weird place this year. Usually a defensive standout, that is not so much the case this season. They do play the run better than the pass, so look for Williams to make his biggest impact through the air in this one. Go ahead and pencil it in: 8+ receptions for the holder of the second most receptions for a running back in Washington State history!

Davontavean Martin – WR

Receiving: 6 receptions, 25 yard, 4.2 YPR, 0TD

Martin is like a box of chocolates, well you know the rest. Some days he is playing at a high level, but some days he plays as he did against the Ducks. When watching film, it’s easy to see that it is not entirely his fault. There was a great scheme by Coach Cristobal and co. to contain and limit Martin. That is why Dezmon Patmon and Travell Harris could get open for long gains down the field. While Martin may not have lit up the highlight reel on Sports Center, he played his role well, which in this game was as a decoy.

Game Day Grade: C-

Current Draft Stock: 5th Round

Preview Against Stanford

Martin might be the decoy again, but he usually bounces back in a big way when that is the case. He will find the end zone once this week but have multiple receptions!

Andre Dillard – OL

Pass Attempts: 54 with 0 sacks allowed

Most people do not watch the linemen but challenge yourself this week. WATCH ANDRE DILLARD. He is such an unsung hero of this offense. While quarterback Gardner Minshew II and his glorious Mustache give Dillard all the props in the world, the media continues to not sing his praises or sing the praises of any lineman for that matter. If you doubt your favorite pro team’s ability to pass block, then they need to draft Andre Dillard and draft him soon. Look directly at teams like the Giants or the Cardinals in this year’s draft. Many think they will go for a QB with their projected top-5 pick, but their next pick must protect that QB. Dillard is your guy. His footwork and strength are something to behold.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 2nd Round

Preview Against Stanford

Dillard continues to impress the country by not allowing a sack! He does such an amazing job and the coaches award him the best lineman week in and week out. I don’t see that changing this week against Stanford.

Nnamdi Oguayo – EDGE

Did Not Play: Injury

Oguyao might have a nagging injury which has led to his slump this season.

Game Day Grade: N/A

Draft Stock: Unsigned Free Agent

Preview Against Stanford

Oguyao seems to have no timetable for his return. Him playing this week is very unlikely.

Jalen Thompson – S

Tackles: 7

Pass Deflections: 3

It is a toss-up each week who the favorite Coug is on this prospect list. It usually comes down to Dillard and Thompson. They play at such a great level, but there are great things in store for Thompson. He was all over the deep ball against Oregon, only allowing a 28-yard reception as the longest and everything else was under that. You have to be proud of that, especially against one of the best passers in the nation in Herbert. He did not record an interception, although he did deflect the ball 3 times. Thompson proves to be the A.J. Styles of the PAC-12, cause “they don’t want none.”

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 3rd Round

Preview Against Stanford

The Stanford Passing game vs the Washington State Speed D is the most interesting matchup this week. The deep threat, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, gives Thompson a matchup with a big, physical receiver. It will be a tall task for Thompson, but he should hold his own in the deep game. Sean Harper being listed as questionable means Thompson will need to have a bigger presence all night, which he is more than capable of doing.

Let me know what you think about these prospects and my predictions in the comments or on Twitter!

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