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Away games have not fared well for Arizona State so far this season.

For the second consecutive week, ASU has come up short on the gridiron. The Sun Devils went on the road this week to play No. 10 Washington Huskies on Saturday night, ultimately losing 27-20.

Both offenses were hot coming out of the gate, Manny Wilkins starting the game off with a touchdown and Jake Browning following shortly after.

The second and third quarters were pretty uneventful, especially for a No. 10 team playing an unranked team at home. The two quarters only saw two field goals from UW and one from ASU.

Both teams ended the fourth quarter with a touchdown each, but the Huskies outlasted the Sun Devils by a touchdown. Fouls and fumbles started to take apart ASU, leaving them with a 2-2 record on the season.

Here’s how our Sun Devil prospects fared in week four.

QB Manny Wilkins

Week 4 Stats vs UW: 17/27, 104 YDS

These numbers might not look too hot at first glance, but the Sun Devils were going into this game relying on their run game. Wilkins led ASU to the end zone twice on Saturday night, both rush touchdowns. The QB closed the night running in for a yard, getting the last score of the night.

ASU returns to Sun Devil Stadium on Saturday night to host the Oregon State Beavers. The Sun Devils are highly favored to win this conference matchup, and Wilkins should be able to be able to pull out a fairly easy win. Oregon State allows an average 32 points per game, giving Wilkins and his right hand, N’Keal Harry, the room to light up the scoreboard.

Grade vs. UW: B

Draft Stock: 6th – 7th Round

WR N’Keal Harry

Week 4 Stats vs. UW: 5 REC, 20 YDS

As said earlier, the Sun Devils focused Saturday night’s game on the run. Harry had an average game compared to what he usually produces for the Sun Devils. He finished the night with 20 receiving yards, finishing right under WR Brandon Aiyuk. The most exciting play of the night, arguably, for Harry was a 42-yard punt return.

Going into this week’s game, Harry has a chance to come up big for the Sun Devils like he’s used to. With the number of yards that the Beavers allow, Harry has the opportunity to tear up their defense at home. The WR has proved to be a man amongst men and he should be unstoppable at home on Saturday night.

Grade vs. UW: B

Draft Stock: Late 1st Round

LB Koron Crump

Week 4 Stats vs. UW: N/A

Crump has been limited coming off an injury, as we’ve seen throughout the season.

Participation in this week’s game against OSU might be still limited.

Grade vs. UW: N/A

Draft Stock: N/A

RB Eno Benjamin

Week 4 Stats vs. UW: 26 CAR, 104 YDS, 1 TD

Benjamin led the Sun Devils again in rushing yards, with 26 carries and 104 yards. He kicked the game off with the first touchdown of the night. The RB was key against the Huskies, as the Sun Devils were relying on the run game to put them on top. Tacking onto his rush yards, Benjamin had 14 receiving yards.

Against Oregon State, Benjamin needs to take advantage of the yards allowed per game by the Beavers. The Sun Devils will most likely utilize Harry during Saturday night’s game but if Benjamin can get out into the open field, he could be a key reason for a Sun Devils win.

Grade vs. UW: A-

Draft Stock: 6th – 7th Round

LB Jay Jay Wilson

Week 4 Stats vs. UW: 2 TOT, 1 SOLO

Wilson had a pretty quiet game in Seattle. The linebacker didn’t put up much for the Sun Devils against the Huskies, just performing a hair better than how he played against Michigan State. Wilson fell toward the bottom of the pack of the ASU defense.

Looking onto this week’s game, the LB has an opportunity to come up big against Oregon State’s offense. Wilson will have to focus on stopping the run game of RB Jermar Jefferson, a key playmaker for the Beavers. Wilson hasn’t done too much this season but he could help prove himself at home on Saturday night.

Grade vs. UW: C

Draft Stock: 7th Round

DB Chase Lucas

Week 4 Stats vs. UW: 3 TOT, 2 SOLO, 1 INT

Lucas helped the ASU offense with an interception for 19 yards at the beginning of the first quarter, arguably his most important play against the Huskies. Washington seemed to be a bit of a problem for the DB, as he put up younger numbers than he usually does. Lucas helped force the Huskies to have to kick two field goals in the second and third quarters, but it didn’t end up being enough.

The DB hasn’t fared too well against ranked opponents so far this season, but he has the potential to thrive against the Beavers. They have an offense that should easily stoppable for Lucas, along with the rest of the Sun Devil defense. Saturday night’s game could resemble his play against SDSU.

Grade vs. UW: C

Draft Stock: 6th – 7th Round

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