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The NFL season is reaching that pivotal point when teams start to jockey for ideal positioning in the playoffs. The 2018 Los Angeles Chargers are one of those team. That’s right. The Bolts as early as Week 14 can possibly solidify a playoff berth against the Cinncinati Bengals. With all this success, it is imperative that players such as Mike Williams find their niche on the team.

Sidelined Due to Injury

The list of injuries for Williams since his playing day’s at Clemson are extensive. But, on the other hand, his talent at wide receiver was, and still is too good to overlook. Williams is, by all accounts, fortunate enough to be on a Chargers team that manages injuries extremely well. This theory has some validity based on the recovery and performance of  Joey Bosa and Melvin Gordon III.

Overall, Williams has shown injuries will not define his career. No matter the injury, no matter the setback, Williams is proving his body can handle the physical punish of a full NFL season. Being sidelined due to injury is the worst case scenario no team or player wants to endure. Williams, to some extent, has changed the narrative about him, which ultimately makes him a trustworthy target for Philip Rivers.

A Viable Option

With the emergence of the Keenan Allen-Rivers connection, the Chargers are well on their way to stamping a new dynamic duo in the NFL. But, as the season progresses, defensive schemes will look to neutralize the Allen-Rivers tandem. Meaning, double coverage, safety over the top, the works. Typically, when this happens, the number two option at wide receiver gets single coverage, hence Williams time to shine.

The Reality

Under this brilliant coaching spectacle, Williams will get a plethora of opportunities to produce. Unlike players who have never found their rhythm due to injuries, Williams is proving all his doubters wrong. At 9-3 and second in the AFC West standings, the Chargers can ride an alternative Rivers-Williams connection into the playoffs and possibly to the Super Bowl.

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