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Broncos-Bears Combined Camp Notes

Wednesday August, 15th initiated the first of two joint practices scheduled between the Broncos and Bears. Over the last week, many tempers have been flaring as there has been numerous fights at the joint practices between teams. Regardless, the Broncos and Bears were able to keep their composure and respect each other.

“We have mutual respect for each other,” Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe said after practice Wednesday. “Some people just don’t have any respect. When you come into somebody else’s place you have to respect them. We’re out here to get better.”


Nothing impressive came out day 13 of the joint practice. Both No. 1 offenses only managed to push over a field goal over a span of 2 drives. Emmanuel Sanders dominated in the one-on-one drills between the teams. Notably, against the CB Kyle Fuller. The newly commanded second-team offense by Chad Kelly took the field and managed a single touchdown on three drives. Devontae Booker was on the receiving end of the TD during the seven-on-seven period.

The first team defense continued their domination getting back-to-back sacks on the Mitchell Trubisky. The Denver pass rushers dominated as Von MillerJerrol Garcia-Williams, and DeMarcus Walker continued to break through Chicago protection.

The performance of the second and third team defense left a bit to be desired. Injuries plagued the depth on the team as newly signed players were thrown into the scheme of things. This paid a toll leaving wide open targets down field for the Bears, especially the tight ends.

“Defensively, our (first-team) defense was really sharp and our (No.) 2 defense was terrible. — Too many mistakes, too many busted coverages,” Head Coach Vance Joseph said. “We’re down to six corners. We’ve got guys that we signed (Tuesday) getting reps, so I get it. It wasn’t very good with our (No.) 2 defense.”

All eyes will be on the first units on Saturday night, but the key to a successful regular season is depth, and the Broncos will aim to improve those 2nd and 3rd tier units on Saturday night.

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