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Another update on our 2018 Cal football prospects has come around. While the team played quite well, the update on our prospects leaves a tremendous amount to be desired.

Ross Bowers, QB

This was another no-show this week for the former starter. It is crazy to believe that after just one week he has seemingly fallen out of the rotation. Garbers, the 3rd stringer has now taken over the lead role and is playing quite well. Backup transfer McIlwain has had a minimal role, but still more than Bowers. Barring a horrible injury, I doubt we will see him on the field for the rest of the season.

Performance Grade: N/A

Draft Projection: Undrafted

Jake Curhan, OL

This o-line held up extremely well, allowing only 1 sack and over 200 yards passing and rushing. Curhan has been a strong force in creating these opportunities, and it will help him well. He picks up his man and has been a physical force in the trenches.

Next week will be a tough test, as the Oregon Ducks have allowed an average of only 77yds rushing. If they can break 110 yards on the ground and 230 yards in the air next week, Curhan will shoot up the boards.

Performance Grade: A

Draft Projection: Early-Mid 4th Round

Patrick Laird, RB

This update marks the beginning of the end for Laird. He was outrushed by 4 players, including both of the quarterbacks. He averaged a measly 2 yards per carry in a lackluster performance. It seems as though Laird, along with Bowers, have started to fall towards the latter end of the depth chart. It remains to be seen how much of a role he will have going forward. Next week will possibly negate Laird completely, as the Ducks have only allowed an average of 77 rushing yards per game.

Performance Grade: D

Draft Projection: Undrafted

Vic Wharton III, WR

Wharton’s performance was actually decent, considering how much the QB’s like to distribute the ball. Averaging 8.5 yards per catch on 4 catches isn’t horrible. The only big issue is that he hasn’t taken one in for a score. So while the stats aren’t mind-blowing, his performance has been that of a key contributor.

Next week will be an opportunity for Wharton, as Cal will need to have a solid air attack to have any chance of winning. Facing either Thomas Graham Jr. (CB) or Deommodore¬†Lenoir (CB) will be a challenge, but nothing Wharton shouldn’t be able to handle.

Performance Grade: C+

Draft Projection: 7th Round

Camryn Bynum, CB

This was an interesting game for Bynum. He had only 1.5 total tackles, but the defense as a whole played phenomenally. Bynum himself played his man close and hard, which prevented a lot of passes being thrown his way. While the stats may not show it, Bynum played as well as a coach could’ve hoped for.

His matchup against Oregon receiver Jacob Breeland will be tough. Standing at 6’5 with a potential first round QB will test Bynum, but he shouldn’t crack. He is the best defensive back on this roster and they will need him big against the Ducks.

Performance Grade: B-

Draft Projection: 4th Round


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