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Although the Bears came out with a win, Week 2 was a rough one for our prospects. Let’s look at how our draft hopefuls are looking after Week 2.

Ross Bowers, QB

What a week it was for starting QB Bowers, or should I say former starter. Bowers was benched for redshirt freshman Chase Garbers, who had a solid outing. Based on these last two games, there is a chance we do not see Bowers barring more poor performances from other QBs. We can safely assume that his draft stock is non-existent after this week (for now).

Performance Grade: N/A

Draft Projection: Undrafted

Jake Curhan, OL

Curhan and the rest of the o-line had a solid week 2. They didn’t allow a sack the whole game and allowed no negative rushing yards for their quarterbacks. Curhan held down the fort for a solid outing, proving he is a reliable brace for this dominant O-line. His NFL stock is looking good after this home win.

Performance Grade: A-

Draft Projection: Mid 4th Round

Patrick Laird, RB

This was definitely not Laird’s best outing. It is hard to improve your draft stock when you get outrushed by two quarterbacks on your own team. After 30 rushing yards on 10 carries, Laird has some cause for concern. And although he had a large role in the passing game (1 touchdown), it seems that no one’s role on the team is safe and that QBs will have an expanded role in the run game. This does not bode well for Laird come draft day, but hopefully, he will have an expanded role next week.

Performance Grade: C+

Draft Projection: Mid-Late 6th Round

Vic Wharton III, WR

This was not Wharton’s best week. After only 24 yards receiving on 4 catches, it seems as though his role has diminished. Another bumble he had was a dropped punt that he couldn’t recover. With the QB uncertainty and increased QB running, Wharton will have a tough time recovering his role on the team.

However, if the passing game improves, then Wharton’s role should expand greatly. For the moment though it seems his draft outlook is not what it could be.

Performance Grade: C-

Draft Projection: 7th Round

Camryn Bynum, CB

While Bynum posted the same stat line in week 2 as week 1 (3 tackles), it still doesn’t bode well for him. This defense is playing well, so Bynum should have more success as the season goes on. He is still the most talented player on this defense and he will be valuable in the weeks to come. His draft stock should stay stagnant for now, but rise as he racks up great games.

Performance Grade: B-

Draft Projection: Mid 4th Round


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