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Ross Bowers, QB

Stats: 8/17, 56 yards 0 TDs

The first game of the season did not do any favors for this Cal prospect. Cal, in general, did not throw the ball particularly well, as evident by their 119 passing yards. Bowers did not make the most of his opportunity, throwing for under 50% completion and no touchdowns. His inaccuracy was evident beforehand, but is more of a concern now. He might not be starting in week 2, which is bad news for his draft stock.

Game Day Grade: D-

Current Draft Stock: 7th Round-Undrafted

Patrick Laird, RB

Stats: 29 rushes, 95 yards, 1 touchdown, 4 receptions, 14 yards, 1 touchdown

As we have talked about it before, the success of Cal will be based on how well Laird plays. He showed up against UNC and was responsible for all offensive touchdowns while putting up nearly 100 yards on the ground was a success. In addition, his few receiving yards were well used. He looked like the player he needed to be. Although he was aided by the defense, Laird showed up big when he needed to.

Game Day Grade: A-

Current Draft Stock: Mid 4th Round-Late 5th Round

Jake Curhan, OL

Curhan and the rest of the o-line had a rough day in pass protection. They allowed 4 sacks on the evening, not getting much protection for their QBs. Although a majority of it cannot be attributed to Curhan, it does hurt his stock. The only redeeming aspect of the game was in their run blocking. They helped Laird to a 95-yard game and over 150 yards total. He had an average game and nothing is really affected here.

Game Day Grade: B-

Draft Stock: Mid 5th Round-Mid 6th Round

Camryn Bynum, CB

Stats: 3 tackles

Although the team had an incredible defensive game, Bynum was not much of a factor. His 3 tackles were tied for 4th, but he had no interceptions. It will hurt his stock in the end, but he will still be a steal in the draft.

Game Day Grade: C+

Draft Stock: 4th Round

Vic Wharton III, WR

Stats: 3 receptions, 18 yards, 0 touchdowns

His unimpressive game is more attributed to the quarterback play than Wharton himself. He played his game and only caught what was thrown his way. Wharton should move on to the next game and not even pay attention to this one.

Game Day Grade: C

Draft Stock: Undrafted

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