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Arizona State tried to attempt a late comeback but fell short to the Oregon Ducks on Saturday, 31-29.

Going into Saturday’s game, the Sun Devils were in the race for the Pac-12 South title but with the loss, their hopes were washed away.

QB Manny Wilkins threw for two touchdowns and 182 yards, while WR N’Keal Harry and RB Eno Benjamin both racked up over 100 yards.

The Sun Devils played without LB Merlin Robertson, who has accounted for over 60 tackles and five sacks this season, due to a targeting call in last week’s game.

Losing out on key defensive plays and going up against a good Oregon offense, the Sun Devils fell short on Saturday.

Take a look at how our Arizona State Sun Devil prospects performed in week eleven.

QB Manny Wilkins

Week 11 Stats vs Oregon: 15/32, 182 YDS, 2 TD

Wilkins recorded two passing touchdowns against the Ducks and ran one in from one yard out. Though he managed to help the Devils get three scores, his play on Saturday wasn’t the best. His pass completion wasn’t too pretty to look at on paper and many would argue that Saturday was not the time to not be on top of your game.

Grade vs Oregon: B

Draft Stock: 6th – 7th Round

Matchup Preview vs U of A:

Wilkins and the team will be traveling to Tucson to play the Wildcats on Saturday. As anyone can expect in a rivalry game, both teams will be bringing their best to the field. Wilkins is up against a shakable defense with the Wildcats. Though he’ll be working against a loud U of A crowd, he knows how to get it down in Arizona Stadium.

WR N’Keal Harry

Week 11 Stats vs Oregon: 7 REC, 105 YDS

Harry led the team in receiving yards, again. Nothing new, but it wasn’t enough to help propel his team to the top against the Ducks. He recorded no scores as he was up against a good Oregon defense. In addition to that core defense line, Harry was faced with incomplete passes from Wilkins as he was having an off night.

Grade vs Oregon: B

Draft Stock: 1st – 2nd Round

Matchup Preview vs U of A:

As with Wilkins, Harry knows how to walk into Arizona Stadium and pull out a win. ASU is favored to win Saturday’s rivalry game, and Harry will want to make that happen. It’ll be, most likely, his last game against the Wildcats and he’ll want to go out with a bang. If he can pick through the Arizona defense and be on the same page as Wilkins, he has the potential to have a career-high game on Saturday.

RB Eno Benjamin

Week 11 Stats vs Oregon: 29 CAR, 149 YDS

As with Harry, Benjamin was unable to get much done against the Ducks. He led the Sun Devils in rushing yards on Saturday but didn’t record any scores. Though he was up against a Ducks defense that was, entirely, ready for him, he couldn’t find a way to pick them apart. And as with Harry, Benjamin could only have as good of a night as his quarterback would let him. The connection just wasn’t there and it impacted his play.

Grade vs Oregon: B

Draft Stock: 4th Round

Matchup Preview vs U of A:

Benjamin hasn’t had as much experience against U of A as Wilkins and Harry, but he has shown so much grown within this season that we shouldn’t be surprised if he walks all over the Wildcat defense.

He’s gone up against ranked defenses and turned up big, there’s no reason he couldn’t at Arizona Stadium. The defense will be ready for him, as they know ASU is going to utilize the run game as much as possible on Saturday, but Benjamin has the eye and athleticism to find the holes and make it to the end zone.

DB Chase Lucas

Week 11 Stats vs Oregon: 4 TOT, 2 SOLO

Lucas had a decent game against the Ducks but was overshadowed by other members of the defense again. His presence was felt but his play was average. He was up against a good offense and QB Justin Herbert who was 19/34, 262 YDS and 2 TD.

Grade vs Oregon: C

Draft Stock: 6th – 7th Round

Matchup Preview vs U of A:

Lucas will be going up against QB Khalil Tate, who has, arguably, the same play as Wilkins has had this season. The quarterbacks have proved to be pretty equal in the red zone. Tate is 149/263, 2,248 YDS, 23 TD and 7 INT on the season. Lucas has performed pretty well against teams built like U of A and nothing should change on Saturday.

LB Jay Jay Wilson

No recorded participation for week eleven.

LB Koron Crump

No recorded participation for week eleven

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