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Here we are fantasy coaches, the last week of fantasy football. For 95% of the coaches out there, you are formally invited to meet me at your local junction to drown our losses in a pitcher of the good stuff. And for the rest of the reading audience, congratulations on your accomplishments and may the fantasy gods rain points throughout your championship weekend. Relish in the fact that your opponent is the last man or woman you must defeat before claiming your trophy, this is the moment you have worked so hard for. With that in mind here is my perfect championship team for this week’s run!

Fantasy Football Championship Week


Russell Wilson Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Russell Wilson had a tough afternoon playing against Frisco this past weekend. He went 23 of 31 on completions, 237 passing yards with a pair of TDs, and no picks. Even so, the sea pigeons could not grasp the victory. The same can be said with this week’s challenge against KC but that doesn’t mean  Wilson won’t get a poop ton of points.

KC has been averaging 310 yards a game to opposing QBs in the air, along with a QBR of 92.8 or higher. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, has been a fantasy delight. If we don’t take into account Wilson’s 9.7 point game against Minnesota a couple weeks ago, Russell has been averaging more than 21 points a game since week 5. Wilson has also thrown 31 TDs with only 6 interceptions this whole season. With all this in mind, the perfect storm might be brewing for Wilson’s owners this week.

Sleeper QBs

Case Keenum @ Oakland Raiders, Nick Foles Vs. Houston Texans, Baker Mayfield Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Running Back

Nick Chubb Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Last week Nick Chubb rushed 20 times for 100 yards with no scores. In the five weeks prior, Chubb has scored seven TDs, five on the ground and a pair in the air. Chubb also touches the ball a bunch for the Cleveland Browns averaging 18.5 attempts since his big start. Before the victory against the Broncos, Chubb also had a bigger presence in the passing game with six targets against Carolina and about three targets in the others. To continue, the Bengals have had no luck against the rush, currently, they are ranked 29th in the league against running backs. Right now Cincy averages 4.8 yards a carry, relinquishing 17 rushing TDs and over 140 yards to opposing running backs. Chubb has a field day in the making this upcoming weekend, making him one of my preferred choices this week.

Phillip Lindsay @ Oakland Raiders

The undrafted rookie that made waves in his debut has had a couple weeks of disappointing numbers. Last week against Cleveland he managed a measly 4.4 points with 24 rushing yards, along with 11.1 points and 30 yards against Frisco. Amazingly still, Lindsey touched the ball 14 times in each of those games but could not produce enough to get those big points as he had the weeks prior. With this week’s matchup against the Oakland Raiders, we should expect the rookie to get back to the root of his success and destroy the Raiders in the run.

Currently, Oakland is ranked 32nd in the rush, giving up 4.8 yards a carry and 146.4 yards a game. All of these are easily accomplishable for Lindsay because of his history of exploding for the Denver offense. It was only three weeks ago when Lindsey rushed 19 times for 157 yards so this Raider defense should have their hands full with this young Bronco.

Sleeper RBs

Gus Edwards @ Los Angeles Chargers, Lamar Miller @ Philadelphia Eagles, Rams Running Back @ Arizona Cardinals

Wide Receiver

DeAndre Hopkins @ Philadelphia Eagles

If we can forget about the Eagles giving Jared Goff a run for the Rams money, we see that the Eagles are 31st in the passing and receiving game against QBs and WRs. Currently, they allow an average of 11.2 yards per catch to receivers and 298.7 passing yards throughout the game, only six fewer yards than last-place Kansas City. This alone makes whomever challenges the Philly secondary very appealing but when considering DeAndre Hopkins, this turns him into a slam dunk play. Hopkins has been the workhorse for the Houston receiving corps, towering this season with 135 targets and 94 receptions. Through 15 weeks, he is averaging 14.1 yards a reception paired with 11 TDs in the 15 weeks that have been played. Hopkins has also been averaging 14.1 points a game and coming off his best game this season against the J-E-T-S with 10 receptions, 170 yards, and 2 scores. DeAndre Hopkins should be the obvious play against a lackluster secondary.

Julio Jones @ Carolina Panthers

I love picking my perfect team because who wouldn’t enjoy the fantasy dynamic of DeAndre Hopkins and Julio Jones. I guess it could be plausible if you’re the last pick in the draft…in an 8 or 10 man league, but the possibility is there. Anywho, the Panthers have been less fierce and feisty than their feline selves would suggest, and the Falcons are in the perfect position to capitalize. Right now Carolina is ranked 21st against WRs and their receiving yards, as well as 21st against the passers. Both of which are rightfully in the view of Atlanta to come and take advantage.

Like DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones has been hogging the ball for the receivers of his team and we coaches love it. So far he has 152 targets with 100 receptions, already 12 more receptions than last season altogether. Another interesting comparison between Hopkins and Jones, Julio is averaging a whole point more than Hopkins this season, showing how much Matt Ryan has been relying on his favorite receiver. Play good ole Julio if you want that W this weekend.

Sleeper WRs

Tyler Lockett Vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Jarvis Landry Vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Amari Cooper Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tight End

Jared Cook Vs. Denver Broncos

Surprisingly enough Jared Cook has been better than expected this 2018-2019 NFL season. Not much can be said about the Raiders offense yet Cook still shines in the silver and black. Truthfully, Cook has been hit or miss week after week but the weeks he actually hits, Cook scores high for his team. Last week, was a miss with five targets and two receptions but the weeks prior have been hits; eight targets with seven receptions in week 13 and 10 targets with seven receptions in week 14. In those weeks, he also hauled in triple-digit yards, 100 and 116 respectively. To sprinkle some stats on the Cook, the Broncos are ranked 29th against opposing TEs allowing 107 targets, 68 receptions, 1,007 yards, and six scores. With those numbers, Jared Cook is definitely the chef you want in your kitchen.

Sleeper TEs

Zach Ertz Vs. Houston Texans, Antonio Gates Vs. Baltimore Ravens


Ka’imi Fairbairn @ Philadelphia Eagles

Right now the Houston Texans lead the NFL with 34 field goals made this season. Fairbairn has been nearly perfect, missing only 3 field goals from 40-49 yards and 2 field goals from 50+. Additionally, Fairbairn has missed only one point after as well for the Texans, showing that this man has one accurate foot on his leg. Moreover, the Eagles have only had five missed field goals against them, making the Eagles 2nd against kickers and their wondrous legs.

Sleeper Ks

Greg Joseph Vs, Cincinnati Bengals, Mason Crosby @ New York Jets


Tennessee Titans Vs. Washington Redskins

Which QB are we on now for the Redskins? I believe it is the fourth but regardless, the Titans are on the beginning of a hot streak shutting out the Giants. I suppose some would argue that wouldn’t be saying much but with the recent success of the Titans, it is hard to assume that their defense isn’t part of the solution. That and feeding Derrick Henry the ball. With the season coming to a close the Titans are also still fighting for a playoff spot, no matter the luck they might need. I expect the Titans to put up a big fight against the Redskins to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Sleeper Defenses

Atlanta Falcons Vs. Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

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