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“Annnnnnnnnnnd we’re back with your favorite fantasy football gameshow, I’m Buyme Low, this is Sellyah High, where we try to help you get your fantasy football teams under control. All you coaches out there know how hard it is to start a player and watch as the results come in without your control. And this is the time where we get to take control of our players, to decide what we think should be good for ourselves and the team.”

“That’s right Buyme, on this show we give you an analytical perspective of some players while throwing a little spice there way. Without further ado…”

Fantasy Football Week 7: Buy Low Sell High

Sell High

Ito Smith from the Atlanta Falcons is definitely on my list Buyme. With Devonta Freeman finally placed on the injured reserve, Smith’s increased production through the weeks will remain consistent. Tevin Coleman is going to be the feature back, and we all know how dynamic having either Freeman or Coleman on your fantasy team can be. Expect Smith’s value to increase and in doing so making him a relevant trade target. Smith can be used to further your depth or get a potential starter. Obviously, no fool will give you a number one running back for Smith, but play your cards right and you could land a receiver like Corey Davis.

“To join Smith on my Sellyah High High High list, DeSean Jackson from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jackson has 501 receiving yards over the past 5 weeks and that is before Jameis Winston came into the picture, throwing a wrench on our fantasy football teams. For this Buyme, I recommend trying to force him onto another coach’s team. No doubt Mike Evans and Winston will begin to get their connection back into rhythm and in doing so Jackson’s value is sure to go down. With the next few weeks coming up for the Bucs, blow-out-season could be a comin to town, making the bait for Jackson even more tasty. Jackson may be able to be leveraged off your team for a player like Alex Collins from the Baltimore Ravens backfield.

“Finally on my list Buyme, Marquise Goodwin. I know, I know, he was your top 15 receiver when Jimmy Garoppolo had the starting position, but since his absence, Goodwin should have been riding your bench. Finally, he had a game against the Packers and has some squishy defenses coming up, so selling Goodwin high could be your mark to further your team into the fantasy football season. Goodwin could be traded for another receiver like Mohamed Sanu or rookie RB phenom Phillip Lindsay.”

Buy Low

“Round of applause for Sellya High everyone” (clapping) “In my segment Sellyah, I would like to bring your attention to a pair of players that may not be bangers right now but could have some glimmering futures when you look down their schedule.

“First up, Jarvis Landry. Landry currently sits on 66 targets in the NFL 2018-2019 season. That means he has been looked up and down every game, almost 10 times per game. Unfortunately, he plays on the team with the most notorious record, as we all know, but this could bring some good fortunes to your fantasy football teams. Landry hasn’t been spectacular these past weeks, so other fantasy football coaches might be more accepting to a trade. I could see Landry going for a player like Tarik Cohen since he has been a bit of a hot streak.

Kelvin Benjamin also makes my list Sellyah, and I’ll tell ya why. Buffalo’s next five opponents are the Colts, Patriots, Bears, Steelers and the Lions. All high scoring teams that don’t necessarily play the ground and pound. This could mean a potential shootout for whoever is playing QB for the Bills and making Benjamin’s value double. Luckily for you, Benjamin might not be owned in all fantasy leagues Coaches, so go pick him up.

“That’s it for this week’s Fantasy Football Buy Low Sell High, we’re your hosts Buyme Low and Sellyah High, and we hope you have a good luck this week and in the future, coaches. Good Night.”

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