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Garett Bolles Pass Vs. Run Blocking Breakdown

Over the past few weeks starting left tackle Garett Bolles has been under scrutiny for his pass blocking ability. While his run blocking ability has been more than superb, as evident by Phillip Lindsay prosperous last few weeks.

If the Bronco’s hope to reach the Wild Card round, Bolles is going to have to pick up his game. This week, WR Emmanuel Sanders suffered a torn Achilles in practice and is out for the season. Now the remainder of the receivers on the roster are all rookies. Regardless, about how tremendous Lindsay has been, he can’t possibly be the entire offense.

Pass Blocking Ability

Let’s take a look at Boles (#72) in the top left corner. On an easily manageable third-and-five situation, he allows the Sam Hubbard (#94) to slip into the hole and get a tip on Keenum’s pass. This forced a three and out for the Broncos bringing the drive to an end.

Here’s a perfect example of great blocking execution. He’s able to keep great defensive end Carlos Dunlap under control and allowed Case plenty of time to find the man he wanted for the touchdown.

Run Blocking Ability

The greater part of Bolles’ game in his run blocking ability. Notice how he is able to out push Cameron Heyward (#97) from getting to Lindsay. Lindsay slides right through the hole for a 32-yard gain later leading to a touchdown.

Another fantastic block from Bolles in the same game on LB Anthony Chickillo (#56) from even coming close to Lindsay. This drive ended up later sealing the game for the Broncos.


The run blocking is much better for the LT on the year. It’s not hard to tell by just looking at the numbers. The Denver offense is centric around the run scoring more touchdowns (16) compared to passing (15) touchdowns. This has a large part to do with the emergence of rookie Philip Lindsay. WR Courtland Sutton has a lot on his shoulders now with Sanders being out for the season, so this run defense needs to continue to be strong.

All in all, Bolles has been average on the season and expect the second year player to be vital to this team for their hunt for a playoff run.


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