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Harry Giles is poised to make many of his fans happy this season because he looks healthy. Giles is coming off of a very depressing two years if you compare them to the hype surrounding him in high school. He was supposed to be THE transcendent player of the 2017 NBA draft, but a knee injury took away his entire senior year. The following year, he rushed his recovery to play at Duke and prove he was still the top guy. Which resulted in him falling in the draft and landing with the Kings. Over the past few years, the Kings have gotten roster moves correct and sitting Giles for the entire 2017 season was smart.

Harry Giles Upside

Now that he has fully rehabbed and strengthened his knee, Giles is starting to look like the former top prospect in the country. Kings’ fans should be excited because of what this young man could possibly bring to this team. On the defensive side, he could be an athletic four who could defend all five positions. The ability to have a big man who can switch on pick and rolls is something that every team wants. If Giles can be that anchor for his team then he shows everyone how athletic he truly is.

His versatility and promise on the offensive end of the floor are what’s most intriguing. Coming out of High School, Giles was compared to Kevin Garnett. His former college teammate, Jayson Tatum, stated that he saw some Chris Webber while they were playing together. That is high praise for just a teenager.

Giles energy and ability to handle the ball is something that pushes the Kings prospects up. He attacks the rim with a ferocity that many think Marvin Bagley should be able to, but Bagley is slight in frame. Giles has always been bigger and stronger than his contemporaries, but also more skilled than guys his age. If he can mix his unique size, athleticism and quickness with his skill than the sky is the limit.

Wrap Up

The 2017 draft has already produced many future all-stars and we have only seen them for one year. Giles can be the next guy to vault himself into that echelon. The promise is there and he has impressed in Summer League. Especially when he was matched with Deandre Ayton. Giles was able to make Ayton work for everything while he was defending him. The glimpse into the heights he could possibly reach is amazing. This year will be interesting for him.

Harry Giles

Sacramento Kings C/PF Harry Giles. Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

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