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Another heartbreak loss for the Beavers against the USC Trojans. The Beavers couldn’t stop the running attack of the Trojans. SC running back Aca’Cedric Ware rushed for 205 yards and three touchdowns. However, the deficit that the Beavers had to overcome was only 7 points with the score being 28-21 in the fourth quarter.

Isaiah Hodgins was yet another spark for the Oregon State offense. The quarterback this week, Jake Luton, played a good game for the Beavers but fell short at the end to get the win.

Defensively, the Beavers have much improved, but are still below par. They had a total of six pass deflections, if one of those were interceptions it could’ve been the game changer. This defense has only had two picks the whole season. In order for them to make some noise the last few weeks they will need to rely on Jalen Moore and the secondary to get turnovers. 

Isaiah Hodgins – Wide Receiver

Week 1 Grade: D+; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: A+; Week 4 Grade: D; Week 5 Grade: D; Week 6 Grade: DNP; Week 7 Grade: BYE; Week 8 Grade: F; Week 9 Grade: A+; Week 10 Grade: A

Week 10 Stats: 8 receptions, 129 yards, and 0 touchdowns

Projected Round: 3rd Round

Getting more involved in the offense, Hodgins is really finding his rhythm. This was good film for NFL teams to watch who want to analyze Hodgins. He went against NFL prospect Iman “Biggie” Marshall on the other side of the ball for USC. Hodgins caught a few contested catches during the contest. His strong points throughout the season have been his hand strength on contested catches. If he wants to improve his draft stock, separation on the route will also have to be a focus.

Knowledge of defenses soft spots in the zone also helps Hodgins get open a lot on the field. Towards the end of the game, the Trojans defense started double teaming Hodgins. That didn’t slow him down.

This week against Stanford will be another good matchup. Malik Antoine and Alameen Murphy both have two interceptions on the season for the Cardinal. Finding ways to get open in and out of routes will be key to his success this weekend against the Cardinal defensive backs.  

Jermar Jefferson – Running Back 

Week 1 Grade: N/A; Week 2 Grade: N/A; Week 3 Grade: N/A; Week 4 Grade: N/A; Week 5 Grade: A+; Week 6 Grade: A; Week 7 Grade: BYE; Week 8 Grade: B; Week 9 Grade: A; Week 10 Grade: B-

Week 10 Stats: 18 carries, 58 rushing yards, 5 receptions, 33 receiving yards 

Projected Round: 2nd to 3rd Round

It was a slow 91 total scrimmage yard game from Jefferson. He ran the ball better as the game went along. The game flow affected him a lot this week as it seemed like yards were coming tough for the freshman running back. His decision making, power running in-between the tackles, and quickness on the outside is going to make a future NFL team happy. Jefferson, on the offensive side, has been the teams most valuable player.

He will be looking to bounce back against the Cardinal this week. Inside linebackers, Bobby Okereke and Sean Barton lead the Cardinal in tackles with a combined 131 total tackles. This won’t be an easy game for Jefferson but if he runs hard, holes will open up and more defenders will start missing tackles. 

Jonathan Willis – Linebacker

Week 1 Grade: C+; Week 2 Grade: B; Week 3 Grade: D; Week 4 Grade: D; Week 5 Grade: D; Week 6 Grade: F; Week 7: BYE; Week 8 Grade: D; Week 9 Grade: F; Week 10 Grade: F

Week 10 Stats: 1 tackle

Projected Round: Undrafted 

Willis hasn’t been playing a lot. He isn’t really making a huge impact for the Beavers like he was projected to at the beginning of the season. Willis went from starter to a rotation at linebacker. The way his season is going it will take a lot of work on his end to get drafted by an NFL team. He has plenty of film through his years at Oregon State but losing reps this season should affect him.

This week, he goes up against preseason Heisman contender Bryce Love, and after giving up multiple 100-yard games on the ground, Willis and the defense will be looking to make a statement. Willis can show in the last few games of the season that he is an NFL linebacker and doing good during the combine process will help him a lot. 

Blake Brandel – Offensive Tackle

Week 1 Grade: F; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: C; Week 4 Grade: C; Week 5 Grade: B+; Week 6 Grade: C; Week 7 Grade: BYE; Week 8 Grade: B; Week 9 Grade: B; Week 10 Grade: B

Week 10 Stats: N/A

Projected Round: 5th to 6th round

Brandel has been improving game by game this season. His pass and run protection have gotten better which is helping the team. Brandel has been playing more aggressive, more confident, and he seems more aware of what his assignment is every play. He hasn’t had elite talent on the opposite end since Nick Bosa from Ohio State week one but that doesn’t take away from the fact he is playing amazing.

Four players from the Cardinal defensive line have three or more sacks so this will be a good in-conference challenge for him. If he can protect the quarterback’s blind side and help Jefferson get loose on a couple runs, the Beavers could have a chance at an upset. 

Jalen Moore – Safety 

Week 1 Grade: N/A; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: B-; Week 4 Grade: A+; Week 5 Grade: A+; Week 6 Grade: A; Week 7: BYE; Week 8 Grade: A+; Week 9 Grade: A; Week 10 Grade: B-

Week 10 Stats: 6 total tackles, 3 solo, 1 pass deflection 

Projected Round: 4th round

This is the first week that Moore didn’t have the most tackles in a game for the Beavers. His tackling does need to get better if he wants to be able to perform on the next level. There are a lot of missed opportunities during games for him to get more. He still leads the team in tackles but could improve to make this defense better. His coverage is also lacking but him getting a pass deflection this week is forward progress. Moore has shown every week he can be the best defensive playmaker on the field. The defense needs him, however, to cause more turnovers.

This week he will have the tough task to stop Bryce Love on the ground while trying to stop receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside. Moore is going to have to find the ball and make plays if the Beavers want to win. 

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