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There could be many different terms used to describe the New York Jets so far this season. One fan might say they have “overachieved” considering they were only expected to win one or two games this year. Others could say this team has disappointed after squandering leads and subsequent playoff hopes from games they should have won such as contests at Miami and home versus Atlanta.

One thing that can’t be disputed is that this team has fight in them, never backing down from opponents that they should be way overmatched against. The defense especially fits this bill and one player in particular: rookie Jamal Adams.

He might be a first-year player but Adams plays with the intensity and demeanor of a guy who knows he deserves to be out there on the field. Adams has drive, something that you want in a player but not everyone has.

It may have come from his playing days at LSU as they have produced some of the best secondary players in the game today in Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, etc. What it all means is Jamal Adams has contributed to giving this defense a swagger and an attitude.

Is this defense dominant? Absolutely not but they play with heart that you don’t see from other squads. I mean look at their stadium partner New York Giants, they’ve literally had players suspended for walking out on practice.

Adams certainly hasn’t done it alone. He along with Darron Lee, Leonard Williams and fellow safety Marcus Maye have laid the ground work for what is hoped to be a great defense of the future.

There are two instances though in which Adams stood out to me as a guy who is fearless. A player who doesn’t care what kind of player you are, he refuses to take crap from you.

Both came in events where the Jets once again failed to capitalize on opportunities at home in which gave them a chance to win the game, but I digress.

In the words of the late Tom Petty, “No I won’t back down, You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down.”

The original moment where Jamal Adams showed up on the scene was in a bout with Rob Gronkowski. Sure Gronk put up his numbers but you could visibly see Jamal right up in Gronk’s grill, talking and baiting him like not may do. Just because Gronk was who he was didn’t stop Jamal Adams from doing his thing and playing down.

The Jets were a horrific referee call away from sending this one to overtime.

His next opponent came just last week in the form of Cam Newton. We’re all well aware of Cam’s flashy style when it comes to his demeanor. Newton got the best of the Jets on a one-yard rushing touchdown. Naturally, what comes next is the Superman pose but Adams wasn’t having it.

He swiped at Newton prompting the former MVP to complain to the ref. You may get the points yet Adams showed the “not in my house mentality”. It’s obviously not the best of circumstances when you’re team is letting up scores but you have to love though that Adams won’t be intimidated by anyone.

The Jets surprisingly had the lead in this game as the underdog but a fumble return to the house followed by a punt return touchdown doomed Gang Green.

Two of the biggest stars the NFL has to offer. Doesn’t matter to Jamal Adams, he doesn’t care. He’ll stand his ground.

That’s the kind of rookie I want on a team. While he has so much to learn still, he has brought intangibles to a defense that could certainly use it. In part because of what Adam brings, the Jets have showed how to hang in the game even when the chips aren’t in their favor.

The combo of a hard hitting, great blitzing Adams combined with the ball hawk skill of Marcus Maye leaves Jets fans optimistic of having their own “Legion of Boom” down the line. Right off the bat though they won’t have to worry about the confidence factor. They already have established that.

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