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It may have been a rough start in Boulder, CO, but the Washington State Cougars stayed resilient and finished the game in a big way. In fact, Mike Leach even grew a mustache at the end of the game. Our prospects played a big role this week in stopping the Buffs who have shown they can play well at times. Here is a look at our prospects.

James Williams – RB

Rushing: 17 carries, 60 yards, 3.5 YPR, 1TD

Receiving: 5 receptions, 43 yards, 8.6 YPC, 0TD

James Williams really shows how important he is to the offense every week. He is one of those guys that you would describe as never taking plays off. He always adds intensity and plays like he wants to score on every play. He generally makes a bigger impact through the air, but in this game, he showed what he can do on the ground. He does such a great job of not taking a tackle and bouncing outside to create a big play. He really showed he has great bursts of speed to get to the second level.

Game Day Grade: A

Current Draft Stock: 5th Round

Preview Against Arizona

Arizona is a team that has lacked something in a lot of games this year. I think the defense has been part of that issue. Because of this, Williams will have another big day. He will have over 100 all-purpose yards in this game and a touchdown. Be sure to watch his explosive ability to get to the secondary of the defense.

Davontavean Martin – WR

Receiving: 3 reception, 34 yards, 11.3 YPC, 0TD

Martin seems to have slipped on the list of Gardner Minshew’s favorite targets. Martin just can’t make the impact plays he did at the beginning of the year. When he does catch the ball it appears that he is not as able to shake defenders. He needs to get in the end zone and catch his rhythm again. The Cougs need him to make plays.

Game Day Grade: F

Current Draft Stock: 6th-7th Round

Preview Against Arizona

Martin will continue to struggle this one. The other receivers just seem to be able to get open, while Martin seems to be caught in coverage. Martin will have a few receptions, but it remains to be seen if he is able to make a big play in this one.

Andre Dillard – OL

Dillard continues to Week-after-week Dillard. He should be on every teams big board in the 2019 Draft. He has such great footwork and such a great comprehension of his playbook. It also feels like he has a great sense of what the defender he will do. It is like he anticipates his movement and he is almost always correct.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 2nd Round

Preview Against Arizona

Arizona is not exactly known as a defensive powerhouse. With that being said, it looks like Dillard will be able to do what he does every week and that dominates the line of scrimmage. Watch Dillard’s ability to anticipate what the pass rusher will do. It is really something to behold.

Peyton Pelluer – LB

Stats: 1 Fumble Recovery

Pelluer seemed to be off this week. He swarmed the ball well and helped cut off lanes to cut back, but he didn’t really make any big tackles like he normally does. This was made up for by him jumping on a loose ball and creating a turnover. Playing in Boulder seemed to effect a few of the Cougs.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 6th-7th Round

Preview Against Arizona

Pelluer will bounce back in a big way in this one. He will be all over the field and create havoc for Khalil Tate and co. There will be a sack and he will account for a handful of tackles in this one. Look for him to have a big day the week before the Apple Cup.

Jalen Thompson – S

Tackles: 4 tackles, 1 for loss

Other than Laviska Shenault, the Buffs did not have a big day through the air. Shenault was a result of a flurry of short passes rather than any long ones though. Thompson continues to patrol the long ball like it is well within his jurisdiction. Thompson’s stats might not look impressive, but he certainly cut off a portion of the field in this one.

Game Day Grade: A

Draft Stock: 3rd Round

Preview Against Arizona

Tate does a good job in a lot of ways for the Wildcat offense. Thompson will limit his ability to make throwing one of those things in Pullman, WA. There is a reason the Cougs are ranked 8th and Thompson is a big part of that along with the rest of the defense. Look for an interception in this one.

Let me know what you think about these prospects and my predictions in the comments!

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