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After two big wins for the Cougs, they must play a tough opponent in Cal. While they may not have the best record, they have certainly shown that they can hang with the best of them, including a big win over the Huskies. Wazzu must stay focused if they want to keep their streak alive.

James Williams – RB

Rushing: 8 carries, 30 yards, 3.8 YPR, 2TD

Receiving: 9 receptions, 79 yards, 8.8 YPC, 0TD

Williams scored first for the Cougs and that was no surprise. Williams continues to have great vision on plays and finds open holes everywhere. If you give him the smallest window, he will find daylight.

He continues to show he is one of the best receiving backs in the country and arguably the best in the PAC-12. It is hard to contain a guy who can hurt you in so many ways.

Game Day Grade: A+

Current Draft Stock: 6th Round

Preview Against Cal

Cal is an interesting matchup, but I see Williams contributing in a big way. He will score twice in this one. Once through the air and a decent run on the ground as well. Watch his ability to find the whole and show his explosive ability.

Davontavean Martin – WR

Receiving: 5 receptions, 13 yards, 2.6 YPC, 1TD

Martin seemed to be playing decoy in this one which opened things up for Jamire Calvin. Stanford keyed in on Martin which explains the poor stats, which was expected. You are not going to let an explosive player be open one-on-one very often.

That being said, his ability to score really shows what he can do. Stanford did not leave him open and he had to play hard and earned this one. He needs to score more like this to help show what he can do when he is challenged.

Game Day Grade: C-

Current Draft Stock: 5th Round

Preview Against Cal

We will see a return of the 10+ reception Martin in this one. He should see the endzone more than once and keep up his scoring ways. Look for his speed to be the factor in this one.

Andre Dillard – OL

Dillard still provides a superior level of protection on every down. Minshew II has to feel comfortable in the pocket knowing Dillard is his left tackle. Not many defenders will get the upper hand and hit his blindside. Dillard continues to show he is a top pass blocker in the country.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 2nd Round

Preview Against Cal

Dillard is such an anchor for this offense. He brings so much to the team and he will continue to play his critical role against Cal. Dillard will not let any bears hit Minshew II in this one.

Peyton Pelluer – LB

Tackles: 4 solos, 3 assisted, 1 tackle for loss, 1 forced fumble

Pass Deflections 1

As a 4th generation Coug, he comes by his passion honest. He played hard all night and made the Cardinal be aware of where he lined up all night. His forced fumble was a result of his relentless pursuit that we have seen all year. Previously being plagued by injuries the last few years, the Speed-D has to be thrilled to have a player of his caliber back.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 6th-7th Round

Preview Against Cal

Pelluer will play hard against Cal and show them why teams try their best to have plays drawn up to get him away from the ball. There will be several tackles in this one, but there will also be a sack too.

Jalen Thompson – S

Tackles: 2

With Sean Harper being hurt, it left a lot of work for Thompson to pick up in this one. JJ Arcega-Whiteside has shown he is one of the best WRs this year in the PAC-12.

Thompson did his best in this one, but Stanford was able to have one of their best passing games against the Wazzu defense. Thompson isn’t solely to blame, but it was the first rough outing for Thompson in some way. He didn’t do bad, but compared to the rest of the season, this was probably the first day where there have been a few signs of a struggle.

Game Day Grade: B

Draft Stock: 3rd Round

Preview Against Cal

Thompson will bounce back big this week. Cal will struggle if they throw a deep ball. Thompson will come up with a Pick in this one and a few more tackles than last week.

Let me know what you think about these prospects and my predictions in the comments!

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