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J-E-Double F, J-A-Double R-E-Double T HAHA. The great Double J, Jeff Jarrett, is now strutting into the Hall of Fame to be immortalized, just like he’s always wanted. It is said he wanted to use WWE as his platform to launch something bigger. He even began a country music career by recording a song. Double J really gained fame with his incredible career in professional wrestling. Having started at the age of 18 as a referee, Jarrett worked his way to the top and used his abilities to make sure he stayed there.

In-Ring Career

Jeff Jarrett is the ideal bad guy for the WWE. He was talented both in the ring and on the mic. The gimmick of a southern bad boy/country music star really helped his case. He was annoying at times, but it played the character perfectly. His catchphrase “Ain’t I great?” shows how well his arrogance played for him. Jarrett’s accolades answer the question for him. He was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion four times, WWE Intercontinental Champion six times, United States champion three times, European championship once, and tag team champion with Owen Heart once. The bad guy persona Jarrett carried really rang true when he would smash a guitar over his opponent’s head. That act solidified him as an amazing talent for the WWE.

After The WWE

Jeff Jarrett eventually moved on from WWE and WCW though. He was the promoter for TNA Impact Wrestling, a promotion that brought the likes of two current SmackDown superstars to the mainstream: AJ Styles and Bobby Roode. Coming from the wrestling industry with his father, Jerry Jarrett, being a wrestling promoter, he has been in the game for a long time. Now the WWE is inducting “Double J” into the Hall of Fame. He did a lot for wrestling and it’s about time he got his due. Ain’t he great?

Josh Whitworth

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