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The Kansas City Chiefs offense once again unleashed their high octane play-making skills in their second game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. What another impressive and reassuring win in Pittsburgh since 1986. The Chiefs potent offense attacked the Steelers weakest points on defense. What was once a stellar Steel Curtain defense is now just an open cloth window for exploitation. The Chiefs (2-0) stifled the Steelers with a precision attack from Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

Welcome To Air Mahomes Offense In An Impressive Win

Young phenomPatrick Mahomes is the captain flying the Chiefs widebody offense. He finished the game 23-for-28 for 326 passing yards only in his third career start. Mahomes also set an NFL record by throwing 10 touchdowns in just two games. To add to his vast accomplishment, Mahomes tied a Chiefs franchise record of throwing six touchdown passes in one game.

Make no mistake, Mahomes has met and exceeded expectations in just two games this season. His ability to pick up Chiefs head coach Andy Reid‘s offense gives the Chiefs a more significant advantage in the AFC. Mahomes toasted an inferior Pittsburgh Steeler secondary with throwing touchdowns to five Chiefs receivers.

Mahomes dissected the Steelers porous secondary by tossing spontaneous touchdowns to Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, WR Tyreek Hill, WR Chris Conley and RB Kareem Hunt. His precision and polished zip on his throws show a growing level of confidence leading into each game. The Chiefs offensive line should get credit for protecting Mahomes in both games.

Off To A False Contender Start Again?

The Kansas City Chiefs got off to a fast start at (5-0) last season but the excitement largely disappeared after a midseason slump. They lost the next six out of seven games but recovered late to make the playoffs. What makes this team different than last years Chiefs squad? The answer is this year’s Chiefs team is rallying around their young leader Mahomes. Everyone from the owner Clark Hunt on down in the Chiefs organization believes Mahomes is exceptional with his abilities.

After a disappointing 2017 season, even the Chiefs defense has rallied and held up well in the first two games in 2018. Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton deserves the credit and believes his unit will get far better each game this season.

Another (5-0) Start In 2018

The Chiefs have the potential to reach 5-0 again this season. Why? After looking over their next three-game schedule, the Chiefs are poised make a run at securing home field advantage moving into the playoffs.

With the current Chiefs attitude and level of having fun this year, the word believes goes a long way with Mahomes flying the offense.

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