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Kyler Murray – Quarterback

School: University of Oklahoma

Class: Junior

Height: 5’10

Weight: 195

Kyler Murray NFL Draft Profile

Top 3 Player Traits

Playmaking Ability

Kyler Murray has proven he is a rare playmaker at Quarterback in his only season at Oklahoma. Murray has the ability to avoid pressure, and make unorthodox throws from inside or outside the pocket. In the video below, I want to quickly explain why Murray is a special playmaker.

A quick play-action fake with immediate pressure from star edge rusher Anferee Jennings, Murray uses his quick feet and instincts to elude the rush and launches a spot-on accurate deep ball on a post route for a touchdown.  It is this type of throw in which Murray combines his legs and arm talent to show why he is truly a dynamic playmaker.


Kyler Murray has rare speed for any position, and his speed is only magnified at quarterback. He has the ability to flat out burn defenders who take a poor angle when trying to tackle Murray. This play Murray just makes you say “Wow.” Once Murray makes one guy miss and is able to hit that second gear, he almost always scores a touchdown.

Spot On Accuracy 

Accuracy is key to being a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL, and Kyler Murray possesses this trait. Murray is able to access tight windows and reach his receivers accurately on all three levels of the field. He shows good accuracy in the short to intermediate areas of the field, and also frequently exhibits spot on downfield accuracy. Whether it is off-platform or from a clean pocket, Murray’s accuracy and touch are exactly what you want to see from a quarterback prospect.

3 Player Traits in Need of Improvement

Physical Stature

Whether it matters or not, height is going to be a factor for a number of teams when it comes to the quarterback position. With all the positive traits Murray has, his height is undoubtedly a negative one. At barely 5’10, Murray is going to be making history when he is selected in the first round due to his stature. Although the NFL is doing a great job of protecting quarterbacks, Murray’s tendency to run at a small size leaves him vulnerable to big hits. He is going to need to be smart while running the football.


While Murray does a good job of finding throwing lanes, he needs to be aware that defenders are going to be trying to bat his passes down as well. This comes back to his release, which features a baseball-style motion as well as a looping motion from the hip which will result in those batted passes. Murray also tends to fade away from his throws, and this is something that will not always translate into success in the NFL. In the quick video below, Murray completes the pass for a touchdown, but Murray had the chance to step up in the pocket, thus making it an easier throw.

Decision Making 

Kyler Murray’s decision making is very good, but he does have some lapses in judgment that lead to some poor throws. In the video below, Murray forces a throw into double coverage. While throws like this during Murray’s Heisman campaign were extremely rare, Murray needs to be careful when trying to read certain coverage’s. The NFL is going to try to confuse him as much as possible and while Murray does possess the requisite mental capacity to maximize his arm talent, he needs to play within himself.

NFL Team Fits

New York Giants

Reports recently came in that the Giants believe Kyler Murray is “too small.” While Murray is small, the Giants need to take note the changing perception on smaller quarterbacks. If utilized correctly, Kyler Murray could be a franchise changer for the New York Giants who desperately need a change of direction from Eli Manning.  Pairing Murray with the likes of Odell Beckham, Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram, and Sterling Shepard should make Giants fans mouths water. There is a long way to go, but if the Giants want to make a franchise-altering move, they have to find a way to get Kyler Murray.

Denver Broncos

Another team reluctant to take the leap of faith in trusting a “short QB,” the Broncos clearly have a need at Quarterback. The good thing about this fit is, there is no rush to start Kyler Murray right away. He can sit and learn the game behind bridge quarterback, Case Keenum.  A young, up and coming offense, the Broncos could be extremely formidable with the electric Kyler Murray at the helm.


After the news of the Broncos trading for QB Joe Flacco, this viewpoint shifts a little. While the Broncos are still looking for a long-term answer at the position, Murray may night be the best fit learning behind a Flacco run offense.

Miami Dolphins

While it may seem the Miami Dolphins might be “tanking” for a QB in next years draft, Murray could be a game changer for the Miami franchise. I am skeptical that Murray will still be available at the 13th overall pick, so Miami might have to trade up to land him.

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