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It has been a rough offseason for LA, with a mounting list of injuries for some of the Rams’ best players. They’re still a strong team, but with the season about to start, the timing for many of these injuries could not be worse. Here’s a roundup of the currently injured players.

Mark Barron — Shoulder

Mark Barron hadn’t participated much in the Rams’ offseason program, citing a shoulder surgery. He did return to practice a week ago, and it is yet unclear if he can return to form for the Rams’ defense. Since he is participating in practice, it is likely he will fully heal by the time the season begins. However, the lack of summer practice isn’t doing the Rams’ defense any favors, especially given its current position.

Gerald Everett — Shoulder

Tight end Gerald Everett has also experienced problems with his shoulder, and astute observers spotted him in a sling just a few weeks ago. Like Barron, Everett is hoping to return to practice before the beginning of the season, though the severity of his injury is not yet apparent. It has lingered throughout most of August, and any further setbacks could keep Everett out of the opening games.

Josh Reynolds — Ankle

August was a rough month for the Rams, as another of their lineup suffered from a lingering injury. While Reynolds’ ankle injury at the beginning of August seemed like one that would disappear quickly, it has kept him off the field for most of the month and may see his return delayed past the opening games. While Reynolds is only the fourth string for his position, his absence puts the Rams in a vulnerable position for more injuries or unexpected absences.

Morgan Fox – Torn ACL

With the Rams coming off one of the highest-profile signings in the NFL on defense — locking down Aaron Donald for a $135 million price tag — this team is hoping to bolster their defense in the 2018 season. However, when Morgan Fox tore his ACL in May, his chances of seeing play following reconstructive surgery for the season are all but gone.

Sam Shields — Concussion

Cornerback Sam Shields has been out of professional play for a while now, having suffered a massive concussion during the 2016 season. However, he was in pads recently and seems to be coming back to form after his long absence. Whether he will be on the field is yet unclear, but it seems the Rams have plans for him, and that he has been attending their preseason practices is a good sign. If Shields is ready to return, he will represent a light for this team, which has been plagued by injuries throughout the preseason.

Matt Longacre — Bicep

As a starting linebacker, Matt Longacre has a physical job and has already been working with a post-surgery back. With another injury — this time to his bicep — it is not clear if he will on the field during the opening games of the 2018 season. The Rams haven’t released any news as to Longacre’s status, and we will have to wait and see if he returns.

The Rams were relatively free of the “injury bug” that regularly bites during the offseason, up until August. However, the last month of offseason is arguably the worst for teams: Any injuries occurring during this month are likely to carry on into the first games of the season. Given the number of injuries that have carried through August, the Rams may have a rough start to their split. However, many of these injuries may not be as severe as they look, and some promising practices ahead of the first games leave room for hope.

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