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Monday Night Raw has a very large pool of talent right now. From main eventers like Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns to mid-level up and comers such as Elias and Jason Jordan, there isn’t a strangle on potential. One part of Raw that could use a little pick me up is the tag team division. There is an answer for this, and it comes in the form of the Authors of Pain.

Normally, an NXT call-up doesn’t usually happen until the Monday after Wrestlemania, but I think there’s a spot to do it soon. Thanks to call-ups like Bobby Roode, it’s been proven that we don’t have to wait for the showcase of the immortals to jump start someone from the NXT roster.

Take a look at Raw’s tag team division. The tag team champions of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are exciting for sure, but they’re two individual singles competitors lumped together for the sake of a storyline. They are not a long-term tandem. The next top contender, of course, is The Bar, who is a legitimate team.

Other than those two, there really is not a credible threat or possible future champion on Raw. The Revival certainly has a shot, but the constant injuries to the team have left them with no steam behind them, the crowd doesn’t remember who they are or what they have done. They can be rebuilt but it’s going to take time.

You also have The Club, though it looks now they are forming a faction with Finn Balor. This is great for storyline purposes, yet it doesn’t help the tag team championship picture.

Enter the Authors of Pain, it’s a perfect fit to bring some electricity to the division. For starters, they always put on fantastic matches. You can look back at their feuds with teams like SAnitY, the aforementioned Revival, and DIY before they broke up.

The Authors of Pain held the NXT tag team championship for 203 days before dropping it to the Undisputed Era in November. They know how to perform as champions. The team’s demeaning look is perfect for the WWE, they have a huge size that makes their ring name plausible. They are built for destruction.

In fact, they’re kind of like the Bludgeon Brothers, except even more believable since they weren’t former members of a different faction that needed to be repackaged. They don’t need to talk either. Sorry, Eric Rowan¬†and Luke Harper, but I do like what you guys are doing now!

As far as promo’s go, they don’t even have to worry thanks to their manager Paul Ellering. Having a manager adds a nice wrinkle to it all as there are not many current managers on the main roster outside of Paul Heyman. Actually, Heyman is not a manager, he’s an advocate. How silly of me.

Akam and Rezar can focus on causing mayhem while Ellering does the talking. Lastly, they have a killer finishing move as a tag team. It can be used on almost anyone. There really isn’t much left for the AOP to do in NXT, so let’s bring them up to Raw and let a fresh new face bring light to a division needing a boost.

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