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Mike Bell – Safety

School: Fresno State

Class: RS Junior

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 205 lbs

Mike Bell NFL Draft Profile

Top 3 Player Traits

Closing Speed

Safeties are relied upon to help in the running game in most schemes since they see the whole field when playing centerfield. They can dissect a running play and close in before someone locks on for a block. Bell has gameplay speed that gives him the ability to close in on a runner to prevent a big play.

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Change of Direction

Bell can stop and go on a dime which makes him dangerous to opposing offenses. It allows him to mirror a receiver’s routes and make plays on tipped balls. It is an asset when it comes to reading and reacting.

Ball Skills

Forcing turnovers is a key attribute to any successful defense. Bell deflected eight passes while also intercepting three during his 2018 campaign. Bell loves to lay a hit when given the opportunity but he also appears to take great pride in causing incompletions and turnovers.

3 Player Traits In Need of Improvements

Open Field Tackling / Wrapping Up

A little too often I saw Bell in prime position to make a tackle but couldn’t make the play due to poor fundamentals. He’ll rely on throwing his shoulder/body into a ball carrier rather than a technically sound tackle. He will also duck his head and fail to keep his eyes on his target.

Block Shedding

Bell has a nasty way about him and likes to bring the hammer down. While he will make a nice play at the line of scrimmage as a free runner, he struggles with breaking loose once engaged with a blocker. Here are a couple of examples at the line of scrimmage.


Play Recognition

Bell tends to get a little too antsy when it comes to reading plays. He will guess and go rather than truly reading and reacting. The example below shows Bell seeing a read option and immediately scraping downhill to get to the quarterback. He notices the running back is the true ball carrier a moment too late and misses the chance to make the stop.

NFL Team Fits

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle will be moving on from Earl Thomas this offseason leaving a big void in the defense. Bell would bring youth and the grittiness to be a fit in with Norton’s defense.

Green Bay Packers

Another team in need of an assassin type of baller on the field is Green Bay. Bell could give a big jolt to the Packers secondary and set the tone for a ‘take no prisoners’ type of defense.

Oakland Raiders

What position do the Raiders not need, honestly? I put the Raiders because they most likely will not address the safety position too early. Bell is a day two prospect who can compete for a starting job, especially on Jon Gruden’s squad.

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