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N’Keal Harry – Wide Receiver

School: Arizona State University

Class: Junior

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 213 lbs

N’Keal Harry NFL Draft Profile

Top 3 Player Traits

Athleticism, Coordination, And Size

I wanted to put these three together for one reason. Harry needs to be seen as the complete package because he is. Most receivers, you get one or two, but usually not all three. Harry gives you all three. That is what makes him so dangerous on the outside. He is able to beat the man covering him, he can get higher on the jump ball, and he can drag both feet in to make the catch. He just has the ability to make a difference on every play. He is that guy you look for when you need a long touchdown late in a game.

Harry is the middle receiver on the left side of the play. Once he makes the catch, he spins and is able to break loose on a big play. Sometimes things can get clogged up on the bubble screens, which happened on this play. He was able to minimize the size of his body with the spin move, break loose and score a touchdown.


A trait that is often overlooked for your Wideout is toughness. Someone who is willing to make a second attempt to the first down. Harry will do this for any NFL team that drafts him. He will fight for every yard and keep the motor going on every single snap.

NFL teams usually do not run the “Wildcat Package,” but having a receiver that can run the ball out of the backfield really shows how versatile and tough Harry really is. There is no limit to how he can hurt you when he is on the field.

Making The Highlight Reel Catches

It is no secret that Harry can play, but he has an uncanny ability to make a play that seems impossible. He is that player every coach wants that isn’t scared to dive to make the play or take a hit when catching the ball in traffic. He has such great control of his body, coupled with his knowledge of the game, makes him an immediate impact player.

Harry really laid out for this play. QBs in the NFL want guys to make them look good in the event of a bad throw. This is just one of the many crazy catches he had all year that were on par with Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins.

3 Player Traits In Need Of Improvement

Route Running

Harry is not necessarily a bad route runner, but he relies on his athletic ability a lot. This really shows that he doesn’t have a lot of crispness in his routes. This is something that would be good for him to work on and showcase in his Pro-Day.

On the left side, his route is not as crisp as you need it to be, especially against a team like Washington who has a phenomenal secondary. He relies a lot on his athleticism to make up for his mechanics.

Run Blocking

On plays where he is running a route to get defenders off the line of scrimmage, he needs to do a better job selling that it is not a run. Many are guilty of this, but sometimes it causes him to miss the block which can really hurt the run game because defenders can just read him on every play.

At the bottom of this play, he really doesn’t engage any defenders and he isn’t really convincing on the fake. Misdirection is important in the NFL.

Bursts of Speed

If you catch Harry in stride, you will no doubt be in position to score, but Harry does need to show that he can have short bursts of speed to blow by defenders or even create separation when trying to get away. He needs to look to increase his burst ability to help solidify him as a top pick.

At the top of the screen, you will see Harry being covered well on his route. He really doesn’t create separation from the defender as he makes the move on the route.

Top 3 NFL Team Fits

Arizona Cardinals

Kliff + Rosen + Harry = Success. If you do not think that this is the perfect recipe for offensive playmaking, then you aren’t paying attention. Also, Harry could learn so much under Larry Fitzgerald next season. That would be such an invaluable learning experience for any receiver.

New York Jets

Sam Darnold would have a great receiver in Harry. They did not really have a deep threat this last season, which can help with a home run on any play. Darnold and the Jets offense would not turn down a playmaker like this. Especially with the Jets being on the rise, this would be a great fit. He would be the best receiver they have had since Keyshawn Johnson.

Indianapolis Colts

In some ways, there could be a parallel here from Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne to Andrew Luck and N’Keal Harry. This could really be a great offensive weapon for the Colts and help put them in the next round of the playoffs. He could be the missing piece for the Colts.

Round Projection:

Round 1

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