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This game was a lot closer than what the score indicates. Beavers were down two scores going into the fourth quarter until the Bearcats ran away with it. If the Beavers are going to turn around their season they are not going to be able to allow 284 yards rushing on them by one player. Their run defense was horrific Saturday.

The Beaver’s offense couldn’t find a rhythm throughout the whole game. Last week their top receiver Isaiah Hodgins went for 200 yards but this week he went for 19 yards. Consistency hasn’t been there this season for the offense. Their only consistency was their run game which didn’t even reach 100 yards this week.

Next week the Beavers have Arizona State. Arizona State has a bunch of potential NFL talent but the Beavers can for sure hang in there with the Sun Devils. If the Beavers are going to have a chance they’re going to have to put pressure on the Sun Devil’s quarterback Manny Wilkins.

The Beavers also have to establish the tone on the run game to really put pressure on the Sun Devils defense. With the Beavers establishing the run game this will open up the offense to attack throughout the game in different ways. The potential is there for the Beavers but they have to get it to translate on the field sooner than later. 

Isaiah Hodgins – Wide Receiver

Week 1 Grade: D+; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: A+; Week 4 Grade: D

Week 4 Stats: 2 receptions, 19 yards

Projected Round: 4th to 5th Round

Isaiah Hodgins against Arizona had a slow day. He was contained by the Wildcats after having an awesome week last week. The Beavers could not find a way to get him the ball. Brian Lindgren’s play calling didn’t seem like anything was called for Hodgins. Arizona did a good job in their zone coverage also to make sure that Hodgins couldn’t find the gaps in between the defense.

One of the two catches he caught was a contestant catch that he used his 200 lb frame to grab. This week’s matchup with Arizona State’s cornerbacks won’t be easy. Chase Lucas was an outstanding freshman last season for the Sun Devils, he will give Isaiah Hodgins a challenge this week.

Lucas also has one interception on the season so this matchup might be the best one of the week. His draft stock will boost up more if he can show he can play at the level he did week 3 consistently. 

Artavis Pierce – Running Back

Week 1 Grade: N/A; Week 2 Grade: B; Week 3 Grade: N/A; Week 4 Grade: N/A

Week 4 Stats: DNP

Projected Round: 5th Round

The Beavers offense is missing Pierce. Jermar Jefferson is doing what he can do at the running back position, but with Pierce back it will bring the one-two punch dynamic back. In the Beaver’s offense, they are really missing another running back in the offense that can split the load with Jefferson. This offense has the utmost potential when all the weapons are working together and healthy. 

Jonathan Willis – Linebacker

Week 1 Grade: C+; Week 2 Grade: B; Week 3 Grade: D; Week 4 Grade: D

Week 4 Stats: 3 tackles

Projected Round: 5th Round

The defense this week struggled badly with stopping the run this week. J.J. Taylor ran through the Beaver’s defense. Willis did his best to try and stop Taylor but the holes were huge enough for him to use his rare speed. Willis does always find himself around the ball it’s just the matter of him translating that into tackles.

He is still having trouble shedding the block which will be an issue for him at the next level. The Sun Devils offense is averaging over 100 yards rushing per game so Willis has a chance to get this defense to redeem itself against the run. Eno Benjamin, the Sun Devils running back, is a good size also at 5’10 200lbs. 

Blake Brandel – Offensive Tackle

Week 1 Grade: F; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: C; Week 4 Grade: C

Week 4 Stats: N/A

Projected Round: 6th to 7th Round

Brandel is one player that is getting better and better every week. He still has a lot of flaws in his game but he is improving them. This week he stayed consistent with trying to give the Beavers a push at the line. He stayed what they call blocking through the whistle the whole game.

Brandel’s feet also looked quicker with his drop step in his pass protection. This week he did give up two sacks that shouldn’t happen. Him being the left tackle protecting the quarterback’s blindside is a huge responsibility that allows minimal mistakes. The two sacks he gave up were also later in the game, in the third and fourth quarter.

You can tell that he is building confidence which is a good sign for the line to improve as a whole. The Sun Devils have multiple people with 2 plus sacks. He will get tested on the pass rush this week from different levels including the linebacker blitz, which will be challenging.

Jalen Moore – Safety

Week 1 Grade: N/A; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: B-; Week 4 Grade: A+

Week 4 Stats: 14 total tackles, 13 solo

Projected Round: 4th Round

This young man is a ballplayer you want on your defense. The stats that he put up this weekend with 14 tackles is phenomenal for a safety. If you watch the game against the Wildcats you see Moore all over the field. JJ Taylor ended the game with 284 yards rushing but would’ve ended with a lot more if Moore wasn’t on the field.

There were plenty of big play saving tackles throughout the whole game that he had. The nose he has for the ball is extraordinary. Whenever you saw a play break loose you saw the ball hunting safety ready to save the day. Next week is going to be a heavy challenge going against receiver N’Keal Harry.

Harry is arguably one of the best receivers in the country. His size and speed are above par. Last weekend Moore did amazing in coverage so if he picks up the momentum from the great week he had against the Wildcats he will be ok.  

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