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Oregon State almost had the win against the Wolfpack in a nail-biter. Consistency is key for the Beavers. This week they showed the potential they have in a late comeback run to almost win the game. A few highlights that the team can take from the close loss is building more confidence in their explosive offense.

In the last couple of weeks they were more run-heavy, but when they got down this week they had no choice but to pass. Prospect Isaiah Hodgins made his presence more than known with 200 yards and two touchdowns. They can use the momentum from their passing game this week add it to the couple games before how they were running the ball and they will have something special.

Defensively another week where they show how behind they are their offense. The upside of this defense this week was that they got an interception putting them at two for the season, matching their 2017 total for the season. The thing they need to focus on is turnovers. If they go get this offense the ball the offense will carry their load. 

Isaiah Hodgins – Wide Receiver

Week 1 Grade: D+; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: A+

Week 3 Stats: 14 receptions, 200 yards, and 2 touchdowns

Projected Round: 4th to 5th round

In his coming out party for the Beavers, Hodgins played the best football he has played the past couple weeks. Multiple times there were times when Hodgins helped them move the chains on third and fourth down throughout the game. On the potential game winning drive, he caught two fourth downs to keep the drive going, also to put Oregon State in position to kick the missed game-winning field goal.

He looked like a complete receiver with his route running, physicality, and for sure hands. Also, this was a good game for him to keep using the momentum to improve on his yard after catch. Hodgins will be against a smaller corner again this week with Tim Hough. This matchup should favor Hodgins. 

Artavis Pierce – Running Back

Week 1 Grade: N/A; Week 2 Grade: B; Week 3 Grade: DNP

Week 3 Stats: DNP

Projected Round: 4th to 5th round

Pierce was having a spectacular year before getting injured. His left elbow injury will have him out 3 more weeks after this game. Luckily for the Beavers, he won’t miss the whole season. He was leading the NCAA in yards per carry before his injury and was having a minimum All Pac-12 type year. Coming back from the injury in a few weeks hopefully, he can pick up where he left off. The Beavers have explosive backs with Pierce and Jermar Jefferson. 

Jonathan Willis – Linebacker

Week 1 Grade: C+; Week 2 Grade: B; Week 3 Grade: D

Week 3 Stats: 4 total tackles, 2 solo tackles

Projected Round: 4th to 5th round

His worst game out of the three games the Beavers have played Willis still shows huge promise. His nose for the ball is above par, but he did miss a few tackles. Beaver’s defensive line played a big part in Willis low numbers. There were a lot of times where the Wolfpack’s offensive lineman got to the second level and Willis couldn’t shed the block.

He is a sideline to sideline player that will get to the ball which will help him boost his draft stock drastically, but him not being able to shed blocks is a negative. There aren’t a lot of linebackers in the NCAA that you can say have a nose for the ball and play sideline to sideline. Willis and his safety teammate Jalen Moore are always leading or up in tackles when it comes to their stats. Arizona’s offensive line is beat and isn’t the toughest. Willis should be able to shed blocks and get to the ball.

Blake Brandel – Offensive Tackle

Week 1 Grade: F; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: C

Week 3 Stats: N/A

Projected Round: Undrafted 

This week was a better week for Brandel but he is still struggling in his pass protection. His run blocking was dominant. Even though the Oregon State offense only totaled 81 rushing yards, this isn’t reflective of how personally Brandel blocked. In order for him to show he is worth being on any team in the NFL.

There is still plenty of time for him to boost his draft stock but he will have to do major improvement before the draft comes. The Arizona defense has two sacks as a whole team so the challenge shouldn’t be that hard for Brandel. If he gets his confidence early and establishes the tone against their pass rushers he will have a good night.

Jalen Moore – Safety

Week 1 Grade: N/A; Week 2 Grade: C; Week 3 Grade: B-

Projected Round: 6th round

Moore is an outstanding player for the Beavers defense. He is leading the team in total tackles with 20 total. The ability as a safety for him to find the ball and make tackles is extraordinary. For a safety to lead a team in tackles shows how aggressive he is.

Moore is showing the playmaking ability as far as tackling but needs to step it up in the coverage part. The defense got their second interception this weekend, Moore is going to have to help in that department. He looked good this weekend along with his other secondary teammates giving up 200 yards passing.

Their defense as a whole coming off games where the defense has given up many yards in the air is a step in the right direction. If he can show he can cover better he could find himself in the upper part of the draft by the end of the season.

The offenses in the PAC-12 will allow him plenty of chances to get interceptions. This week he will have to worry about early Heisman candidate Khalil Tate. Tate hasn’t overly impressed this season as he was expected too, but the Beaver’s defense doesn’t want to be the team to get him rolling this season. 

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