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The Beavers are in for another tough season. They will be playing in a tough Pac-12 conference which is full of talented coaches and players. Khalil Tate, Bryce Love, Justin Herbert, and Jake Browning are all on people’s Heisman watch list, they are also all on Oregon State’s schedule.

Oregon State @ Ohio State University

The nationally-ranked Ohio State should be working on their new look offense with their new quarterback. Oregon State even with the new quarterback of Ohio State should still be at a disadvantage.

The Urban Meyer situation might not work in the Beavers best favor because Ohio State is going to want to show they are a well-oiled machine ready to go into the season hot. They’re not going to want to show any weaknesses for their three games without him. Also, the Beavers will have to work with their new starting QB Jake Luton.

Final Score: Oregon State 10 Ohio State 41

Record: 0-1

Oregon State vs Southern Utah University

This should be a good game to bounce back from after a heavy opponent in Ohio State. With less talent on defense, this could be a game where QB Jake Luton can establish an identity for the Beavers offense. The Thunderbirds are coming off a 9-3 season, but nevertheless, this should be a good matchup.

The theme seems like quarterbacks but Southern Utah lost a major component to their offense with Patrick Tyler gone. Patrick Tyler left Southern Utah with multiple school records and used his gun slinging arm along with his legs to lead the Thunderbirds on a good playoff stretch last season before losing to Weber St.

Oregon State’s defense can also use the Thunderbirds inexperience at quarterback to capitalize and start heading in the right direction before their PAC-12 opponents arrive.

Final Score: Oregon State 27 Southern Utah 17

Record: 1-1

Oregon State @ University of Nevada

Beavers will be heading to Mackay Stadium 1-1. This game will be a close one and can go either way. The Nevada team as a whole does have a little bit more experience this year. Nevada’s offense averaged 270.4 yards last season per game which could really affect the Beaver’s defense.

Oregon State’s defense last season only had two interceptions as a team. Hopefully, they can improve on that statistic but the Wolfpack having their quarterback returning Ty Gangi should bring some familiarity to the offense back and have them even better this season.

Final Score: Oregon State 17 Nevada 23

Record: 1-2

Game 4 (1-3): vs Arizona University

The Beavers will have trouble with Heisman candidate Khalil Tate. The defense of Arizona should be better with the defensive coordinator going into his second year. His team on defense was also very young. The Wildcats can easily have a special season with Tate taking the reigns. This comes down to experience that Arizona has that they can rely on more than the Beavers.

Final Score: Oregon State 14 Arizona 42

Record: 1-3

Game 5 (1-4): @Arizona State

Herm Edwards is leading the Sun Devils after they had a 7-6 season last year. Edwards is known for his strict old-school coaching ways that can make the Sun Devils an even better team. He has NFL talent on the offensive side of the ball that can really help him out.

N’Keal Harry 6’4 and 216 pounds will be a scare for all PAC-12 defensive backs. Oregon State starting the season 1-4 isn’t ideal but it’s looking like they will have another tough season with the talent they’re facing within the PAC-12 alone.

Final Score: Oregon State 17 Arizona State 31

Record: 1-4

Game 6 (1-5): vs Washington State

The Beavers will have trouble with the pass heavy offense of the Cougars. The Cougars last season went 9-4. Even if the Beaver’s defense does improve within the five games it will be hard to see them improve enough in the pass defense to keep the Cougars in check.

Washington State last year proved even struggling with the emotional loss of Tyler Hilinski that they can still compete in the Pac-12. This shows more stability than the Beavers have shown to compete in the Pac-12.

Final Score: Oregon State 21 Washington State 35

Record: 1-5

Game 7 (1-6): vs California

The Golden Bears don’t have a strong defense so this game will be super close between the Bears and Beavers. The Bears suffered a lot of injuries last season and their offense went through major funks last year.

They started the season 3-0 and ended 5-7 overall. They started to get more of an identity towards the end of the season which showed they can end strong. By the end of the season, the Bears should have good momentum and enough to take out the Beavers.

Final Score: Oregon State 17 Cal 31

Record: 1-6

Game 8 (2-6): @Colorado

The Beavers can pull out a win against Colorado. The Buffs haven’t shown a lot of promise from last year. They did win one more game than the Beavers, but with the Beaver’s backs against the wall starting 1-6 I’m sure they will be eager to get a win.

There isn’t any reason that the Beavers can’t pull out a win against the Buffs. By game eight the Beavers should be able to feel out what they have and can work with. The talent in the Pac-12 is stacked but the Beavers can still compete with the lesser talented teams.

Final Score: Oregon State 20 Colorado 17

Record: 2-6

Game 9 (2-7): vs Southern California

Trojans will have a full head of steam which the Beaver’s defense will not be able to handle. USC ranked 15 nationally will lose some games but will be ready for the Beavers. The USC defense has a lot of returners coming back this season which will definitely help them in and out of the conference.

The Trojans last season went 11-3. Always getting top recruits, the Beavers will have a tough time keeping up talent wise. By game nine the Trojan’s young quarterback true freshman JT Daniels will also be eight games strong and no longer a young deer in the headlights.

Final Score: Oregon State 7 USC 30

Record: 2-7

Game 10 (2-8): @Stanford

Bryce Love will play a huge role in this game. The Heisman candidate will look to have his way with Oregon State. Love is one of the most dynamic players in college football this season. Many eyes will be on Love as he makes his run for the Heisman. The Beavers defense will not be ready to stop the Heisman candidate.

Final Score: Oregon State 13 Stanford 27

Record: 2-8

Game 11 (2-9): @Washington

Back to back weeks, the Beavers will face Heisman candidates. Jake Browning is arguably the best quarterback in the Pac-12. Most schools in the PAC-12 are having transitions when it comes to the quarterback but Browning is not one of them. Huskies will enter the season knowing who their guy is right away. Browning auditioning for the NFL will definitely use any chance he gets to put on a show.

Final Score: Oregon State 14 Washington 40

Record: 2-9

Game 12 (2-10): vs Oregon

The hype for this rivalry should help the Beavers over perform. Oregon last season went 7-6. The Beavers last season also got embarrassed 69-10. This game is a game for sure circled on the Beaver’s calendar. Just like the other games, the Beavers might not have the fire power talent wise to hang in this game.

The Civil War will hopefully though be closer than last year’s game. Herbert is a prized quarterback that might be available this upcoming draft if he declares after the season

Oregon State 17 Oregon 30

Season Record: 2-10

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