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The #8 Ranked Washington State Cougars had their hands full against the Cal Bears but managed to pull off a late victory. In recent history, Wazzu seems to bring out the best in Cal when they meet, but fortunately, the Cougs were able to keep the PAC-12’s Playoff hopes alive.  The draft prospects we have been following played a big role in this one, but let’s take a look at how each player did in this one.

James Williams – RB

Rushing: 5 carries, 34 yards, 6.8 YPR, 0TD

Receiving: 10 receptions, 59 yards, 5.9 YPC, 0TD

Much like last year, Williams is splitting time with another running back. Some might think this is odd, but as much as the running backs run downfield in this offense, it is no wonder that they would need to rotate. Max Borghi was the big playmaker in this one but make no mistake. Williams played an integral role in this game as well when he received the ball from Gardner Minshew.

Borghi was the hot players in some key situations, but Williams had the most yard from the line of scrimmage with 93. While most people look for the scores, Williams production in this hard-fought game, really showed his toughness and mindset when he plays in this one.

Game Day Grade: A-

Current Draft Stock: 6th Round

Preview Against Colorado

Colorado seems to have a weakness in their pass defense, or at least they have the past two weeks against Oregon State and Arizona. The run defense has shown that they can stop the run game in some games this year. This pass-first offense will use Williams in the passing game. He is one of the top backs in the country for receptions and he will showcase that in this one.

Davontavean Martin – WR

Receiving: 1 reception, 1 yard, 1.0 YPC, 0TD

Terrible outing for Martin in this one. Martin has not had a big game in a while and it is looking like he is beginning to fall as an impact player this year in one of the deepest WR cores in college football this year. Winston, Patmon, and Harris seem to rotate each week who is going to have the big game. It makes you wonder where his head is at or if there is even some sort of a nagging injury we are not aware of.

Game Day Grade: F

Current Draft Stock: 6th Round

Preview Against Colorado

The Buffs really struggle against the pass. Martin needs to step up in a big way because he has not shown us who he is in a few weeks. At least, not the player he is capable of being. Coach Leach and co will look to work him in in a big way this week.

Andre Dillard – OL

The Bone Award winner this week, which is awarded to the best lineman each week, Dillard continues to show why he is the guy that the coaches trust to protect Minshew’s blindside. He is so reliable.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 2nd Round

Preview Against Colorado

Dillard will hold his own in this one and help give his QB enough time in the pocket. One thing to watch is his ability to make decisions on some disguised blitzes and fake moves from the defenders. Watch him adjust and help lead the Cougs to victory.

Peyton Pelluer – LB

Tackles: 5 solos, 5 assisted, 1.5 Tackle For Loss, .5 Sack

Pelluer has such a presence with him on the field. He has the same intensity as a player like Luke Kuechly. If you know he is your assignment to block, you better buckle your chinstrap. One key to his game is his angles and closing speed.

When you watch him play, you see that he wants to make a play. He truly gets the purpose he has in this defense. He is so aggressive and works through blocks to make the play. He does not stop until the whistle is blown.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 6th-7th Round

Preview Against Colorado

He will give the offense everything that they can handle in this one. He will be a ball hawk and fly to the ball at every chance to make a play. Look for him to make Steven Montez very uncomfortable in this one and force bad decisions. There should be a sack in this one as well.

Jalen Thompson – S

Tackles: 5 solos, 3 assisted, .5 Tackle For Loss

Thompson once again stole the long pass from a team. He works each week to patrol the long pass and this game was no different. He bounced back well from last week, where many might be discouraged from some of the longer plays the defense gave up. He really worked hard in this one and really cut the field in half.

Game Day Grade: A

Draft Stock: 3rd Round

Preview Against Colorado

Montez likes to pass, so look for that to be a big part of the game in this one. Thompson will not let the receiver get by him and he tackles his assignments promptly. Do not expect Colorado to get many big plays through the air in this one.

Let me know what you think about these prospects and my predictions in the comments!

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