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Phillip Lindsay The Hometown Hero

Phillip Lindsay has been Denver’s diamond in the rough so far this season. The undrafted rookie out of Colorado came into the season battling for a spot on the team. Now PFF College ranked Lindsay top 20 in the nation in both missed tackles forced (47) and yards after contact (809) in 2017. Regardless, he was snubbed from an invitation to the NFL Combine.

Now the 24-year-old leads the Bronco’s team in touchdowns with seven as well as rushing yards (780) and yards from scrimmage (967).

Phillip Lindsay’s Ranking Among Other RB’s

At the end of week 12, Lindsay has had a terrific freshman season. He currently sits at seventh in the NFL in rushing yards with 780. He also is second among rookies in rushing and touchdowns as well, only coming short of the Giants talented RB Saquon Barkley.

Lindsay has been doing all this damage as a second string. It wasn’t until week 8 that he earned his first start against the Chiefs. Over the last four games as a starter, he has totaled four TD’s doubling his amount on the season.

What Sets Lindsay Apart?

The one thing that separates Lindsay from the rest, is his ability to create yards after contact. The RB creates an average 2.7 YAC (yards after contact) which creates a huge advantage. On the year Phillip has created 362 YAC, 46.4 percent of his total rushing yards on the year.

Another X-factor to Lindsay’s game is his speed and size. He uses his size to an advantage as he is one of the smaller backs in the league at 5’8. He’s able to fit and escape through holes larger RB’s wouldn’t even come close to. One example:

Onto his speed, which may be the best part about his game. His agility on the field helps him elude opposing defenses and once he finds an opening it’s quite impressive, to say the least. Take a look yourself.

32 teams passed on this, yeah well the Broncos sure did find themselves a star.

Look out for Lindsay on the rest of the year to be more involved in the offense, as he converts to the starter.

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