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The Arizona Cardinals bidded a fond farewell to Bruce Arians, who announced that he would retire from coaching. This means that the Cardinals are now in the hunt to find a replacement for Arians who could take this team to the next level.

There’s already a couple of coaching candidates out there who could fit the bill as a great replacement for Arians. A lot of names that are on the list are mostly coordinators for other teams, some of which have been head coaches in the league before. Let’s take a look at three Cardinals coaching candidates who may have the best chance to land the job.

James Bettcher of the Cardinals

It appears Bettcher is on the list of who could potentially get the job. He is also the only member of Arians’ former staff who will interview for the job.

He landed the role of defensive coordinator after being promoted from outside linebackers coach in 2015. Many have speculated whether he was ready for the job of being the coordinator, but he has already shown he knows how to do the job. His defenses finished in the top six in yards allowed in the three years he’s been in that position and were the biggest factor of this team in the last two seasons.

It’s hard to tell if Bettcher has earned his way to becoming a head coach in only three years at the coordinator position, but he’s got really good odds to get it if the Cardinals choose to stay in-house hiring their next coach.

Brian Flores of the Patriots

Brian Flores is currently a linebackers coach with the Patriots but is also still young at just 36 and hasn’t worked for another team. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great fit elsewhere.

He has been a part of the Patriots coaching staff since 2008. He’s worked on the offense, with special teams, and with the defense. He could potentially be a fit for the Cardinals if they choose to go with a defensive guy.

Recent history, however, has shown us that Patriots coordinators and coaches have not done well when they left New England. You can look at Josh McDaniels or Romeo Crennel as examples of that. Hopefully, Flores won’t go down that road if he’s chosen here.

Jim Schwartz of the Eagles

If you’re looking for a guy who’s got some head coaching experience in the NFL, you can very well make the case that Jim Schwartz of the Eagles has great odds.

He was the Lions’ head coach for five seasons and had some productive years for them before being fired. Since then, he’s been the defensive coordinator for the Bills for one season and the Eagles over the last two.

Is it possible Schwartz can bring the system he used in Philadelphia to an already great Cardinals defense? We’ll see.

Who Should Get The Job?

The Cardinals have plenty of options to look at when it comes to their head coaching position. The best bets to get the job are most likely Bettcher or Schwartz. One is already within the organization and the other has head coaching experience. When it all comes down to it previous head coaching experience is sometimes the better option and Bettcher does not have that. The Cardinals probably wouldn’t promote him after just three years on the job as defensive coordinator. Therefore, Jim Schwartz is most likely to get another head coaching opportunity and this time it will be with the Cardinals.

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