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The following statistics are courtesy of Basketball Reference:

Ray Allen – 17 Year NBA Career; 1,300 Games Played

Total Three-Pointers Made – 2,973

Reggie Miller – 17 Year NBA Career; 1,389 Games Played

Total Three-Pointers Made – 2,560

Stephen Curry – (Currently in 10th Year of NBA Career); 668 Games Played

Total Three-Pointers Made – 2,350

Ray Allen (the reigning all-time three-point leader), and Reggie Miller (the second all-time three-point leader), as evidenced by the astounding numbers they put up, were two of the most prolific sharp shooters the NBA has ever seen. Each of them had long careers and left their respective marks on the record books. They were each part of Olympic gold medal winning basketball teams, with Allen finishing his career as a two-time NBA champion. They both left behind seemingly unreachable totals from three-point land, with a combined 5,533 successful three-pointers after finishing 17-year careers. Gaudy totals to be for sure.

Even with all of those astounding numbers, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is on a pace to obliterate the numbers put up by Miller and Allen respectively. In the midst of his tenth year, the former two-time (and only unanimous MVP in NBA history), has a total of 2,316 three-pointers made as of the time of this writing. If he hadn’t missed so many games early in his career due to a plethora of ankle injuries, he very well may have already eclipsed Miller’s totals, as he stands a mere 234 made threes behind him at present. At the rate of threes Curry has made to date, he will zoom past 3,000 made threes (provided he avoids injury) within the next two, to two and a half seasons. What Curry is doing is simply amazing, and borderline unbelievable. He has seasons with 261, 272, 286, 324 and 402 threes-made respectively. As of this writing, Curry has 221 made threes during the current season, which will probably find him finishing with his second season in excess of 300 made threes.

What Curry is doing is simply astounding, as we are witnessing one of the most prolific shooters that the game has ever seen. The manner of ease with which Curry is able to take and make three-pointers is incredible. Again, health permitting, he is going to set the bar at such a level, that whoever comes along to attempt to unseat him as the all-time three-point king will have a challenging task ahead of him. To that end, records are made to be broken. Aren’t they?

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