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Royce Freeman Battles For Starting Running Back

There’s no question that all eyes are on the former Oregon Ducks warhorse running back Royce Freeman. He’s also known as Rolls Royce, because of his versatility, assertiveness, and power. Freeman is not only poised for top-dog duties – he’s battling for starting running back for the Denver Broncos. Is it safe to say that Oregon’s all-time leading rusher could outduel Devontae Booker for the Broncos starting running back spot at the start of the season? Yes.

So what exactly makes Freeman qualified for the job over anybody else? Well, he’s a 229-pound man who can produce at a high level through high volume, as well as easily break tackles. In addition, he has a nose for the end zone. Most importantly, Freeman’s general manager John Elway is almost certain that he can land the starting position at running back. But how about head coach Vance Joseph?

“Freeman is absolutely in the running to be the team’s top ballcarrier,” Joseph said. According to a report from Alison Mastrangelo on Twitter after the draft, she mentioned that Joseph believes Royce Freeman could compete for the starting running back job.

Not to mention Freeman moves well with his size, he plays fairly well between the tackles. He’s also great in space, and like he demonstrated at Oregon, and he has good hands. On top of that, he possesses maturity and experience. So how does Freeman compare with Devontae Booker for the starting position?

Freeman over Booker

Booker isn’t qualified for the job because the Broncos are looking to become a more physical team, and Booker only averages 3.4 yards per carry, so he has to improve a lot. He struggles because he runs into blocks, missing cutback lanes, and going down on first contact.

But that’s not all.

Another reason for his low stats is because he seems to be a magnet for contact and his vision is non-existent. So Booker really needs to step up his game, and he knows it.

“I pretty much take credit for all of that,” the former Utah running back said. He added, “We gotta start running the ball effectively and it starts with me.”

As for Freeman, he is definitely the type of running back who can help the Broncos have their best rushing offense in recent history.

He proved that he was a powerhouse running back at Oregon, that’s for sure. In his sophomore year, he finished fourth in the nation with 1,836 rushing yards on 283 carries with 17 touchdowns. In addition, Freeman had a career best 348 yards on 26 receptions with two touchdowns. Even when Freeman is faced with adversity or gets knocked down, he always finds a way to bounce back.

The following year, he was a bit dinged up and demonstrated a low performance on the field with 1,089 yards and 10 touchdowns on 191 total touches. However, he climbed his way back during his senior year. He totaled 1,475 yards on 244 carries and he scored 16 touchdowns. On top of that, he opened that year with three straight games with at least 150 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

As for Freeman, he is definitely the type of running back who can help the Broncos have their best rushing offense in recent history.

Last but least, if Freeman could perform well during the preseason, then he will emerge as the lead running back for the Broncos.

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