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Royce Freeman Closes Out Denver’s 2018 Draft Class To Sign

The 71st pick overall, Royce Freeman is now officially a Denver Bronco after signing his contract on July 5, the last of the 2018 rookie class.

With Royce finally signed, Bronco fan’s have a weight off their shoulders for a hopeful replacement for RB C.J. Anderson. Freeman adds depth to the team trying to switch to a younger core, with a new QB taking over the helm in Keenum. Since 2000, he ranks 10th in carries (947), 3rd in yards (5,621) and 6th in rushing touchdowns (60) among qualified FBS running backs.

“It felt amazing, just to come in here and sign and be official,” Freeman said per the Broncos’ website. “It’s definitely a moment I’ve been thinking about since I was young and to finally complete (it) just feels great.”

His contract is estimated at 4-years just under $4 million plus a $1 million dollar signing bonus due to the league’s slotting system. Devontae Booker and De’Angelo Henderson are the starting tailbacks as of right now, but after Freeman signing a 4-year rookie deal, there will be impending pressure for him to see the field.

Going back and looking through his senior year highlights at Oregon is enough to give you chills for this upcoming season. Watch Royce cut up college defenses like they are butter. Look at 2:46-3:00 in the video linked below. Freeman splits the Virginia defense effortlessly then turns the jets up to 100! Looking like a young LeGarrette Blount fresh out of Oregon with a bulky body and speed to out haul defenses in a foot race. A “head down, run it in” mentality is what Denver needs for the replacement of C.J.Anderson, a HUGE factor in their recent Super Bowl victory.

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