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The playoff pool has been shortened down to eight teams following a thrilling wild-card weekend. With the divisional games fast approaching, a group of Sports Al Dente writers and editors submitted their Super Bowl predictions. 

SAD Staff Super Bowl Predictions

Demetri George’s Prediction

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints

Brees going up against the team that drafted him and Philip Rivers going up against his mentor. Something feels different about the Chargers this season. They don’t care who they play or where they play them. Rivers is on a mission and he can taste his first ring. Getting to the big dance would mean the Chargers would have gone into New England and beaten the vaunted Patriots and then either went into familiar territory at Arrowhead or hosted the upstart Colts. Again, something feels different about the Chargers who seem determined to get over the hump. They also have the should-be head coach of the year, Anthony Lynn, leading the way.

On the other side, the Saints go marching into Atlanta representing the NFC. The Saints have been arguably the most consistent team throughout the entire season. If there was one team in the league who remained consistent in a year where no one seems to be elite, the Saints finished 13-3 in route to a division title. If not for Mahomes in KC, Brees would be the league MVP and Sean Payton is one of the best head coaches in the league, but the key for their success over the course of the season has been their improvement on the defensive side of the ball. They still give up a lot of yards but they are opportunistic and create turnovers. The Saints secured home field advantage and that’s bad news for the NFC. They are tough to beat at home in that dome.

Saints versus the Chargers in Super Bowl 53 should be a great one.

Derek Ross’ Prediction 

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Los Angeles Rams

Now, this is exciting. We are finally picking our Super Bowl Matchup and potential champion. The early part of the NFL season showcased three unique teams that were clearly capable of making it to the Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and Los Angeles Rams. Now, after all their late regular season loses, their dominance wasn’t as intimidating. Almost as if all three teams might have peaked too early.

So, for 2019, the underdog support shall continue. Let’s make this a storybook improbable matchup. The Los Angeles Chargers will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. They will ultimately play the Los Angeles Rams after defeating the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game.

It will be a battle of L.A. A battle of bragging rights for one city amongst two organizations that have moved multiple times.

Chargers 24 – Rams 20.

Austin Temple’s Prediction 

Dallas Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts

Okay, stick with me here. These two teams snuck into the offseason after some rough starts (1-5 for Indy and 3-5 for Dallas). Since then, they’ve both been on an absolute tear through the league, including impressive wins in the wild-card round. My preseason pick was Saints vs. Chargers, and while they are both still alive, that’s boring. Too easy of a pick. Let’s get crazy because the NFL Playoffs always are.

Dallas has the best defense and running game left in the NFC, and Dak Prescott has been a monster the last 8 weeks outside of the Colts game. Indianapolis has Andrew Luck and a defense full of young talent that can make big plays. So how will this unfold, that two of the least likely contenders make the big game? Easy, Dallas sneaks by the Rams, while the Eagles somehow best the Saints, giving Dallas home field for the most hate-filled Conference Championship game in history.

In the AFC, the Colts take out the MVP and his Chiefs due to some last-second heroics from Luck and then beat the Patriots in the Revenge on Josh McDaniels game.

Rivalries in both championship games? Sign me up.

Indianapolis blanked Dallas 23-0 a few weeks ago, but the Super Bowl goes a bit differently, ending 24-21 on a late field goal by Dallas, ending with a Jaylon Smith interception.

The Cowboys are Super Bowl champions, and the Dallas haters finally have a reason to hate them in this century.

Chris Spinks’ Prediction

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints

The Chargers have a tough matchup this week with the best football team in the history of the league. The Patriots are certainly beatable and If they can overcome this hurdle, they will be in the box seat to make a run towards the Super Bowl. They have already beaten the Chiefs this season and will be confident they can do it again.

Over in the NFC, the Saints, led by Drew Brees, are on an unbelievable run. They have too much talent and will get past the Eagles this week. The challenge will be when they come up against either the Cowboys or the Rams in the championship game. Both teams are great in their own right and will push them all the way.

Chargers vs. Saints for the Super Bowl.

Saints to win it and send Drew Brees out with another Super Bowl Ring. 31-24.

Roman Tomashoff’s Prediction

Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots

Until I see Tom Brady and the Patriots lose, they’re still the best team in the AFC. This Patriot team isn’t what others have been, but with the right game plan from the best coach in the league, they can still win 3 games.

As for the Rams, their defense still has game-changing potential even though they’ve been roasted consistently this season. Their offense can still beat anyone with the right combination of skill and game planning.

Rams get revenge in this Super Bowl XXXVI rematch.


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