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Almost immediately after the Arizona Cardinals hired new head coach Kliff Kingsbury, rumors started flying about a possible trade. Josh Rosen, the 10th overall pick of the 2018 draft, was on the block.

The Cardinals reportedly are heavily considering taking Kyler Murray with the first overall pick, and the team has been in talks to trade Rosen. The Chargers have been one of three teams to show interest according to Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt.

NFL insider Benjamin Allbright even intimated that the Bolts went as far as offering their second-round pick. 

With Philip Rivers in the twilight of his career, the team now has to consider looking towards the future. The only problem is, the Chargers haven’t drafted a quarterback in the top four rounds of the draft since they selected Charlie Whitehurst in the 2006 draft.

Now the Chargers potentially have a chance to trade for the potential heir to the throne for a steep discount. They absolutely should make this move, for the right price.

The Cardinals interest in dealing Rosen has been the worst kept secret in the league. Whatever leverage Arizona had, seems to be slipping away by the day.

In Rosen’s defense, he was sacked a staggering 45 times in only 14 games. He lost a combined 320 yards to sacks. To say he was put behind the eightball would be understating it.

The young quarterback suffered at the hands of a first-year head coach, two offensive coordinators, and one of the worst supporting casts in the league.

All of that being said, Rosen had his fair share of faults as well. He struggled to find any consistency, struggling with staring down receivers and reading more exotic defensive concepts. Many mistakes were avoidable and often were the product of trying to force the issue, making throws into tight coverage while under duress.

Yet buried deep in the Cardinals’ lost season, were a handful of moments showing Rosen’s promise. Spectacular throws that most quarterbacks don’t even have in their bag. The arm talent is undeniable, and on some plays, you could see him processing quickly and making a perfect read.

Based on potential, and options in the upcoming draft class, the Chargers should make this trade happen. The team would have control of his contract for potentially four seasons with the team option. It would be the same amount of years as any non-first round quarterback drafted this year.

Rivers could hold his starting job for two to three more seasons. This would allow Rosen to be groomed behind one of the best football minds in the league, instead of being rushed into a bad situation.

It makes too much sense. I would prefer them to send the 91st pick then the aforementioned 60th, with the Cards crumbling leverage. This would allow them to really minimize the risk while retaining a better chance to add impact players with their first two picks. 

I understand the reservations of those who are opposed to the Chargers making this trade, but opportunities like these don’t come often. When you have the opportunity to get a first-round evaluated talent, at a much better price, you have to get it done.

Daniel Wade

Author Daniel Wade

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