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The hot new rumor sweltering around the WWE is that The Undertaker may come back one last time for this WrestleMania and square off against John Cena. This is a match that many have wanted for years but never came to fruition, however, because of last year’s events I think it’s best if we keep wrestling’s most polarizing figure retired.

Don’t get me wrong here, the Undertaker is one of my favorite wrestlers in the industry. But facts are facts, and the Deadman is really up there in age. If he could handle it, fine, but most matches now end up with him either requiring surgery after the match or practically dying in the ring.

I had the pleasure of seeing his match against Roman Reigns live at WrestleMania in Orlando last year, it’s always fun to see his entrance and have him do all his best moves. What wasn’t fun is that Reigns couldn’t even pick up the Undertaker in the middle of the match to deliver the Taker’s tombstone piledriver on him. Spoiler, you need help from your opponent when performing the move, and I have an inkling that the 50-year-old taker wasn’t able to assist on his part to get upside down.

Overall the match was so-so, I very much enjoyed Taker’s send off with him putting his gloves, hat, and jacket in the middle of the ring. This leads me to my next point though. Doesn’t that signify him retiring? And if it doesn’t, then what was the point of going through all that pageantry last year?


The easy solution is that Undertaker wouldn’t come back as “The Deadman” but return as motorcycle riding “American Bad Ass” or “Big Evil” Undertaker. Pretty much signifying the deadman is retired but not this incarnation of his character.

My argument here would be we’ve already seen American Bad Ass Undertaker against John Cena, albeit the “Word Life”, chain gang, rapping Cena. No, it wasn’t at ‘Mania, but we want to see the deadman taker vs. current day Cena at this event. To bring back deadman Undertaker for a match just proves that the WWE doesn’t care about storylines, and that has been highly criticized over the years.

If this match were 5 years ago, hell even 3 years ago, sign me up for it. That would be amazing if we could’ve seen this with both men in their prime but that’s not how life works.

One thing about the Undertaker though is he loves the business, so if he believes he is healthy enough to take on the risks for another match, I don’t doubt that he would enter the challenge.

Another beauty of it all is since Taker and Cena are both such big names, that match sells just on the names alone. They could literally not promote this at all and just show up on the day of the show and people would go wild just by word of mouth. These men have been around for a while, so their history is built in. They don’t need to be on Raw or Smackdown every week to promote the feud, maybe just get on 2 episodes before the show and let the WWE video packaging team do the rest.

I don’t mind The Undertaker coming back as the Deadman for Raw’s 25th anniversary because that’s just one show designed to bring back former stars and drum up the nostalgia act. For a storyline though? It takes away credibility for us to believe any kind of writing yet. I guess if this match does go down, I certainly will be very excited, but it should be at the American Badass because the Deadman is retired.

My concern is that sometimes you bring back an act too many times and it loses its luster. For example, any sequel from a great movie usually ends up underwhelming, and it waters down the love of the original. That includes the Hangover trilogy, Dumb and Dumber To, and Anchorman 2. Don’t let this happen with The Undertaker, though someone like him at this day in age is untouchable.


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