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Raw Review

Monday was the go-home show for Raw before Money In The Bank (MITB). With men’s and women’s fatal four matches announced for Raw,  we’re sure to have a great episode on our hands and plenty of insight for MITB.

Join us as we break down the Raw for June 11th.

Opening Segment

We start off the show with all eight of the superstars who will be in the MITB ladder matches are all standing on ladders, something we’ve seen before. GM Kurt Angle comes to ringside. Before Angle can say much, he’s interrupted by Baron Corbin.

The women trade barbs and Natalya and Bliss claim they’re ready despite being injured last week. All eight superstars bicker back and forth until the segment ends when Braun says someone is gonna “get these hands.”

Sasha Banks vs. Natayla Vs. Ember Moon vs. Alex Bliss

Bliss dominates early, taking out each one of her competitors but gets caught by Moon. Nattie, Banks, and Moon go back and forth, but Moon is taken out of the picture and Banks and Natayla go one-on-one. Banks slaps on the Banks Statement on Alexa, but Nattie breaks up the hold, re-injuring her knee.

We get multiple false finishes and pinfalls until Nattie gets Bliss to tap after putting on the Sharpshooter.

Breezango vs. McIntyre & Ziggler

Ziggler and Breeze start the match and Ziggler takes out Breeze early with a lightning pace. Fandango and McIntyre tag in and it’s no different.

Fandango is hit with the Zig-Zag/Claymore combo and the match is over in quick fashion.

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Before the match, Jinder Claims that Roman isn’t as tough as he says he is. Before Mahal can say much more, Jinder is interrupted by Reigns. The two look ready to fight, but before the bell can ring, Jinder announces that it will be Sunil Singh who faces Roman.

Roman makes quick work of Jinder and Singh and finishes the match with a spear. Mahal hits Roman with the Khallas immediately following the pinfall.

The B-Team vs. Slater & Rhyno

The Deleters of Worlds are at ringside for this match. After knocking Rhyno out, Dallas and Axel make quick work of Slater, ending the match via pinfall.

Rollins and Elias Segment

Elias is in the ring and begins his normal schtick. Elias claims that at MITB, he’ll win the IC Championship. Elias reveals a custom-made guitar apparently given to him by Joh Mayer. Rollins breaks up the festivities. Seth picks up the custom guitar and “admires” the craftsmanship. Seth curb stomps the guitar and the hype is built for MITB.

Bayley vs. Ruby Riott

Early in the match, Riott takes control, but Bayley brawls her way back into the match. For most of the match, Riott dominated at a slow pace. Bayley goes for a diving elbow but misses, giving Riott the opportunity to take advantage with the Riott Kick, pin and win.

Rousey and Nia Jax Segment

Jonathan Coachman is in the ring and will be the moderator for this segment. The two women are announced and brought to the ring. Nia claims that Ronda is inexperienced when it comes to WWE and on Sunday, it’ll show.

Both women come off as confident, both claiming they’ll win on Sunday. Both women stand off, but it breaks down. Rousey puts Jax in an armbar and Jax taps out, leaving Ronda standing tall.

Curt Hawkins vs. No Way Jose

Dressed as a member of Jose’s conga line, Hawkins tried to get the jump on Jose. However, No Way hits Hawkins with a single punch and wins the match via pinfall.

Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley Segment

Sami has decided to challenge Bobby Lashley to an obstacle course. Sami claims that the only way Bobby can prove he used to be in the military is by beating Zayn in the obstacle course. Bobby is chosen to run the course first. Bobby runs the course in about 40 seconds, but after he’s finished, Zayn ambushes Lashley.

Strowman vs. Balor vs. Roode vs. Owens

Throughout the night, Owens has tried to form an alliance with Roode and Balor. Early in the match, the alliance holds strong, but Strowman is just too strong for the three men to keep down. Strowman takes out everybody. Balor and Roode even the odds using a ladder. Owens chips in and together they take out Strowman after KO hits a frog splash on to Strowman off a ladder and through the announce table.

Roode and Balor are left to face each other and begin a back and forth mini-battle in this war of a match. Strowman begins to stir and recover, taking out the competition. Braun Powerslams Owens onto a ladder and pins him for the win.


An alright go-home show ending with a great match is what this episode will go down as. A majority of the matches ended in quick fashion and we were left wanting more from the night. Segments also seemed to be mediocre and the only hope we have is that SmackDown turned out alright the next night.

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