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Tay Martin Goes Off On The Wildcat’s Defense

With one week left in the regular season, the Cougs have a big game on the horizon. It is not only the biggest game of the season, but it might be the biggest game of Mike Leach’s tenure at Washington State. It is only right that it is against the biggest rival the school has, The University of Washington. The Apple Cup has so many stories and so many great games. The 2018 installment of this rivalry is as big as it has ever been.

Wazzu appears to have flexed their muscles last week against Arizona and the Huskies need to watch out for our prospects. Here is a breakdown of how they did last week and a look ahead to what they will do against the Huskies.

James Williams – RB

Rushing: 5 carries, 50 yards, 10 YPR, 1TD

Receiving: 6 receptions, 24 yards, 4 YPC, 1TD

Boobie shows again why he is so important. His elusiveness creates separation from defenders in a way that is something to marvel. If there was a team like the Saints who needed an RB to fit their scheme (see Alvin Kamara), I can’t imagine there is a better fit. He has such sure hands and plays like every down is his last. Arizona was not ready for Williams and that is why he was able to have his way all night.

Game Day Grade: A

Current Draft Stock: 5th Round

Preview Against The University of Washington

Washington has a great defense. There is no denying that fact. Williams will have a bigger role in field position and on 3rd down than getting into the end zone. His role will be similar to that of a TE. When you need to convert, look for #32.

Davontavean Martin – WR

Receiving: 7 reception, 124 yards, 17.7 YPC, 1TD

Finally! Martin plays at such a high level when he wants to and that was clearly against the Wildcats. In the early going it looked like he was only going to have a few receptions, and then he busted open on some huge plays. It was so refreshing to see him play at the level we all expect. He had some critics thinking he had fallen off in productivity and then he showed everyone he’s still a playmaker.

Game Day Grade: A

Current Draft Stock: 6th Round

Preview Against The University of Washington

Here comes Martin. He will continue this momentum into the biggest rivalry of the year. The Cougs need him in this one. They will spread the field and have an empty backfield a lot. They want to spread the secondary thin, so he will have ample opportunities to bust some big plays.

Andre Dillard – OL

Still, the unsung hero of the Wazzu offense, Dillard is so good. He exemplifies everything that is a pro offensive lineman. As he progresses each week, one can’t help but think he will have his name called sooner, rather than later, on Draft day. He doesn’t get all of the hype, but he might be the best Tackle going into the draft from the PAC-12

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 2nd Round

Preview Against The University of Washington

This is where Dillard makes his case for being the best. The Huskies do have some great talent up-front on defense. I think this will be where scouts see what the Wazzu faithful have seen all year. Watch him pass-block in this one. There will be 50+ attempts, so watch his footwork specifically. It is a true art form.

Peyton Pelluer – LB

Tackles: 5, 0.5 for loss

The combination of Pelluer and Jahad Woods is a nightmare for opposing offenses and it certainly has been on display for the last few weeks. Pelluer didn’t have his best day against Colorado, but he did bounce back against Arizona. Khalil Tate is a very talented QB, so for him to do well against him says something.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 6th Round

Preview Against The University of Washington

With his family’s pedigree, Pelluer will play his heart out in the Apple Cup. He was born into a family that despised the Huskies and he will get his last laugh in Pullman, WA. He will play with high energy and high intensity. He will look like Bobby Boucher out there!

Jalen Thompson – S

1 Tackle and 1 Fumble Recovery

Thompson looked to have a slow game statistically, but Arizona didn’t do a lot through the air. He shuts down the deep ball still. With Sean Harper being injured, he really is having to pick up a lot of slack. Thompson continued to keep plays in front of him and always stay on his assignments.

Game Day Grade: A

Draft Stock: 3rd Round

Preview Against The University of Washington

Jake Browning is a great QB. Because of that Thompson will need to be on the top of his game. Thompson doesn’t get intimidated and he doesn’t ever act like a game is too big for him. This game has so much riding on it, there isn’t anyone a team would rather have in their secondary. Thompson will have several pass deflections in this one.

Let me know what you think about these prospects and my predictions in the comments!

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