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The Bosa Waiting Game

We are eight weeks into the 2018-19 NFL season and the Los Angeles Chargers are still without their top defensive player Joey Bosa. The fact the Chargers are second in the AFC West with a 5-2 record minus Joey Bosa makes this season for the Bolts even more astonishing. Is it possible that one man can make a difference on a defensive line? Yes. Overall the Chargers have addressed the Bosa injury with the best remedy. Patience.

NFL Foot Injuries

There have been numerous injuries in the NFL associated with the lower body. So, it’s not an odd occurrence a talented defensive end such as Joey Bosa is dealing with his foot. All we can do as fans is hope his injury will not spill over into 2019, or worse 2020. No one wants to see a guy with so much upside, go through the Dwight Freeney experience.

Freeney’s foot injury was the injury that changed everything for football. It single-handedly destroyed his career and the Indianapolis Colts season. Ironically, reading from the same script in November 2007, the Colts placed their three-time Pro Bowler and highest paid defender in the league on IR. Does all of this sound eerily similar? It should because besides the age and accomplishments of both players at the time of their foot injuries, both were playing at a high level. Scary.

The Bosa Dance

Joey Bosa has different levels to his game, especially when it comes to getting sacks. Sadly, just like any other NFL player, they all derive from his feet. When a player such as Bosa is healthy and his body is moving in unison, he makes playing football look easy. A foot injury can be a tricky nagging demon. So, to a powerful, finesse, quick-spinning defender such as Bosa a foot injury can take weeks, possibly longer to heal. So, can someone get this man better cleats, or possibly a “Karate Kid” Mr. Miyagi Tiger Balm foot rub every night.

What’s Next?

Waiting for Joey sounds like a 90s sitcom. Thankfully, at 5-2 the Chargers can play the optimistic game and let their defensive leader heal properly. To some degree, as long as it takes. There are tons of fans eager to see him suit up, but it won’t be any time soon. As I stated on the Sports Al Dente LA Podfidential with Chauncey Telese, an 85 percent foot Bosa just won’t cut it, primarily due to his technique. We need a 100 percent Bosa ready to rock. Sure, the Chargers are doing amazing, but it ain’t no party like a Joey Bosa party because the Joey Bosa party won’t stop.

For the Los Angeles Chargers to improve their chances of making it to the postseason, a healthy Bosa will have to be in the fold. Replacing a man who had 12.5 sacks last season with an assortment of players has faired extremely well for the Bolts. So, a healthy foot Bosa should only make things better. The Joey Bosa waiting game must continue. Kudos to the Bolts and their medical staff for playing this foot injury the right way.

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