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The Chicago Bears offense brought out the worse the Kansas City Chiefs had to offer in their third preseason game. The Bears did this by exploiting the uttermost weaknesses in the Chiefs defense. Based on their performance the Chiefs secondary needs to step to the plate and earn their paycheck. Bears backup quarterback Chase Daniel put on a showcase going 15-for-18 for 198 yards and two touchdowns through the air. Also, Daniel once a Chief ran for 47 yards on the ground with six carries.

The game pitted Bears head coach Matt Nagy against his former mentor Chiefs coach Andy Reid. There is still a cause for great concern leading into the regular season for the Chiefs defense.

Reid who is a consummate players coach did remind his entire team once again to step up and lead by example. The Chiefs defensive line’s lack of consistent¬†penetration left the secondary gasping for air. The broken chain of defensive command, placed the Chiefs starting defense into a guessing game.

The Signs Are Pointing In The Wrong Direction

If the last three games are any indication of an ominous future, the Chiefs are taking on water at the outset of the regular season. The reality of the Chiefs overall defensive performance adds more question marks than answers. Nagy had a lot to prove with preparing his team for this specific game as he was the offensive coordinator for 2016-2017 with the Chiefs.

The Bears feature the exact West Coast offense as the Chiefs, which propelled their offense in this game. Let’s be clear and realistic that the Bears are who we thought they were. They are a team with a fresh new start but by no means a playoff-caliber group.

Inconsistency And Inexperience In The Secondary

The Chiefs secondary was burned a few times by Bears second-team receivers. Most of the Bears first-team offense watched from the bench as the Chiefs first-team defense struggled against both the pass and run. Once again Nagy and his staff knew the blueprint of Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton’s packages and schemes. The Chiefs players still should not accept their performance today as an excuse moving forward.

All-pro safety Eric Berry is still resting a sore heel and did not play. Newly signed Chiefs cornerback Orlando Scandrick was burned for a touchdown by Bears wide receiver Kevin White. It was White’s first touchdown of his four-year career, a scathing example of how troublesome it is the Chiefs were the one to allow it to happen.

Time will only tell in a matter of weeks which Kansas City Chiefs team will show up at the season opener. One thing is for sure is to never bet against Andy Reid when the chips are down, and the dice are rolling.

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