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Let’s not beat around the bush here: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar will be the main event of SummerSlam this year. The quicker you accept that into your life, the better. And, chances are, Reigns will emerge victorious as the new Universal Champion, with Lesnar heading off to fight Daniel Cormier in a UFC super fight.

With that being said, I believe there’s a way we can still have that result while sending everyone home feeling satisfied. Here’s how.

Last week on Raw, Lesnar seemed to show no regard for anyone. This is the reputation Lesnar already has anyway, but he got to show it off to the world on Raw this past Monday. It actually was pretty entertaining seeing Lesnar reading various magazines throughout the night.

One of the people he targeted, though, was his own advocate, Paul Heyman. Lesnar put his hands on Heyman twice Monday, once backstage and once in the ring. Lesnar said that he and Heyman weren’t friends and that Heyman worked for him, not the other way around. This made Lesnar look like a bad person, and it sets up a brilliant opportunity for WWE.

Let’s say WWE keeps this up. Lesnar comes out one more time before SummerSlam says he doesn’t care about anyone, etc. You know, normal Lesnar stuff. 


Brock Lesnar
Photo Credit: Ed Webster – Under Creative Commons License

This all leads us to the main event of SummerSlam. A distraught Heyman walks with Lesnar to the ring. The match starts with the two doing their normal schtick: Lesnar hits some suplexes, Reigns hits 10 Superman punches and 15 spears. You know, the normal stuff.

We get to the end of the match. Lesnar picks up Reigns for the 7th F-5 but accidentally knocks out the referee in the process. Roman escapes the clutches of Lesnar and low-blows Lesnar. Why would our hero do such a thing? Can’t he win clean? After the low-blow, Reigns hits one last spear to put away Lesnar and win the Universal Championship.

After the match, Heyman comes into the ring and gives the title to Reigns. They shake hands. Roman has made a deal with the devil. He’s become a bad guy, aligning himself with the most villainous manager of the past decade. The final image of the night is Reigns and Heyman standing tall at the top of the stage.

This move would be perfect for everyone involved. It would be able to send Lesnar to UFC with no reasons to come back to WWE. It keeps Heyman on TV every week with a new client to advocate for. And, most importantly, it gives Reigns a fresh character heading into the fall. He doesn’t have to worry about promos as much, and can instead focus on being a killing machine. 

A heel Reigns opens up the door for matches against the likes of Balor, Rollins, Strowman and even Drew McIntyre, if he turns on Ziggler.

Now, I could totally see this happening, but instead, Heyman turns on Lesnar, making Heyman a good guy with Reigns. While that’d be cool to see, I don’t think it’ll help Reigns as much as having Reigns turn heel would be.

Will this happen? Probably not. I don’t try to get my hopes up too much anymore with WWE. But if WWE wants to save the main event of SummerSlam this year, this is the best way to do it.

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