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Every NFL fan has that player. Someone that you can see a picture of and you begin to shudder. The mere mention of his name and your blood begins to boil. Whether it be because of the torment that they cause your team on the field or a persona and attitude that just rubs you the wrong way, we all have one of those players that I am talking about.

After several months of polling and research, we have put together an extensive list of the most hated NFL players of each NFL fan base. We will be breaking it into four parts, or four regions if you will. Starting with the West, and then the North, South, and East will follow.

Our research was compiled through extensive polling on social media, as well as digging through fan base archives. The beauty of social media is the ease and the number of people that we were able to reach when doing these polls. The downside? The age gap is fairly obvious, and so you will see from our list that hate for current players reigns supreme over the past.

There was still the oft-mention of Dana Stubblefield, Brett Favre, or Jim McMahon, but for the purposes of this list, our votes garnered primarily current NFL players.

So let's get right to it, and we will begin with our divisions of the Western variety.

The Most Hated NFL Player Opponent Of Each AFC And NFC West Fan Base

AFC West

Broncos Country - Tom Brady

He may not be a division rival but there is still No Broncos Country For Old Tom. The Denver fan base has been blessed with two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step foot on the gridiron, but many still hold Brady in higher regard and Broncos fans do not take that lightly.

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