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Take a look at the numbers that point to Cook and Cooper finding the end zone, soon, very soon.

When we talk touchdowns, pass catchers Amari Cooper and Jared Cook have had a slow start to the season by anyone’s standards. They have combined for just three touchdowns out of the seven thrown by quarterback Derek Carr. Despite the lack of scoring, they are constantly being targeted and are easily the most productive Raiders, along with recruit Jordy Nelson.

Cooper and Cook have combined for 33 first downs through five games. The Oakland Raiders have 74 total first downs, well above the league average of 59. All these stats point to poor play calls in the red zone by the offensive play-caller.

Former LA Rams quarterback coach Greg Olson is the Raiders offensive coordinator, but Gruden has called plays since the season started.

The offense has no problem moving the chains, its the poor playcalling and execution in the red zone that is killing the team on the scoreboard. Think of all the games they were close to winning. How a play being called a different way could have resulted in a win over a loss. I know that’s easy to say in hindsight, but something needs to change for this team to start scoring more points when it matters.

Despite the last two weeks, the Raiders have been close to winning all three of their other losses. If the Raiders start to do the little things right, the wins will come.

On a side note, Carr has a QB rating in the red zone of just 14.8.

Cook and Cooper need to be targeted more in the red zone. These are two quality players who know what it takes to get across the white line. Give them the ball when it counts.

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