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The season has ended. The Lakers have more holes in their franchise than any other team in the NBA. How will the offseason look without Magic? Without a head coach? The Lakers are in desperate need of a roster change – that is clear. But which dynamic sniper will fit best with LeBron on and off the floor? There aren’t many options out there.

Kawhi Leonard has expressed a desire to go to the Clippers (for whatever reason) if he doesn’t stay in Toronto. Paul George already declined his offer last summer. Kevin Durant thinks being in a LeBron James locker room is toxic. Klay is hinting at re-signing with the Warriors this summer. And who knows what Jimmy Butler will do. That leaves one of the NBA’s most underrated superstars – Kemba Walker.

Meet The Sniper

Kemba Walker is THE player in Charlotte. Only 29 and he already holds the franchise record for points and career starts. This season, Walker played all 82 games for the second time. The combo guard posted personal bests in scoring (25.6 PPG), rebounding (4.4), assists (484), three-point field goals (260), and 30-point games (franchise-record 28). He also recorded his first 60 point game on November 17 in a loss to Philly.

The dynamic combo guard is truly prolific. Step backs, buzzer beaters, ankle breaking, wicked speed – he’s electric. The only hole in his game is his size. It isn’t intimidating whatsoever, making him a liability on the defensive end.

Where the 3x All-Star will help the Lakers improve is on the offensive end. Walker can fill it up and the Lakers desperately need scoring. He shot 36% from 3-point land this season and is recognized around the league as an exceptional pull-up shooter. Walker can also play both the point guard and shooting guard positions, giving the Lakers more depth and versatility at the guard position.

LeBron and Walker also have a respectful relationship. James has consistently shown respect and admiration for Kemba Walker and what he has been able to accomplish since entering the League.

Walker isn’t a 100% perfect fit, and he won’t catapult the Lakers into the Western Conference Finals, however, he will give them a roster to build off and will make LA more attractable to other free agents.

How Do They Sign Him?

But can the Lakers get him? Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka would be competing with Dallas and Charlotte – 2 respectable franchises. Know that the Mavericks are coming up in the West. Mark Cuban has assembled a forceful duo in Dallas with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. Cuban is a competitive, resourceful owner hungry to get back to the playoffs.

Dallas has the roster and consistency that the Lakers don’t. Luka is the potential ROY and Porzingis has already established himself as a unique superstar. They also have the cap space to go after another superstar.

Although Charlotte failed the best player to ever play for their organization, they did give him the max contract. They want him to be a Hornet for life and that type of mutual loyalty is rare in today’s NBA.

The Lakers have the one thing no other team has and that is LeBron – who is still the best player in the game. His presence alone can move the Lakers to the front of contention. The Lakers cap space and flexibility make them a more serious contender.

Walker has some decisions to make this offseason – if he hasn’t already decided. He has expressed loyalty to his franchise, but this dynamic sniper could be wasting away his talents in Charlotte.


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