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Hey, Washington football fans! There’s still no need to fret. The Huskies might be out of the CFP rankings, and even currently behind WSU in the PAC-12 North standings. But there’s still something in the air… can you smell that? Yeah, those are roses. The Huskies can still make it to the Rose Bowl. All they need to do is win, and they’re getting a huge boost this week.

There’s Life For Washington Football

Oh Husky fans, what a week! The loss to Cal was devastating, but it’s time to get on to Stanford. And they’re going to do that with some major reinforcements this week. Myles Gaskin is back, and ready to get rolling after a two-game layoff. Washington’s all-time leading rusher has a lot to prove this season, and will probably be ready to run through a brick wall on Saturday.

Injured Stars

Trey Adams is back, sound the alarm!! The 6’8, 320-pound tackle will be making his season debut on Saturday, at home. Jared Hilbers has done a wonderful job filling in for Adams, but as great as he’s been, no one can fill the shoes of the mountain that is Adams. He should shore up an offensive line that has already been pretty good this season. This is also coming at the perfect time after Bobby Okereke terrorized Jake Browning in this matchup last season.

The Huskies are also getting back Hunter Bryant, the freshman All-American in 2017. Another good scenario, after the Huskies lost Quinten Pounds and Chico McClatcher for the season. The speedy tight end will be a welcomed addition to the Huskies’ emerging receiving corps.

Full Go

They don’t really count as injuries from this season, but neither Byron Murphy nor Jordan Miller were able to play in this matchup last season. JJ Arcega-Whiteside is a tough matchup at 6’3, but with Miller back it should be a bit easier to stick with him. The Stanford offensive line hasn’t been nearly as strong this season, and hopefully, we can see more of a pass rush from outside linebackers Benning Potoa’e and Ryan Bowman.

Husky fans, expect a different result than last season, the Dawgs won’t disappoint you this weekend.

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