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Zack Moss

16 carries, 150 yards, 1 TD

3 receptions, 24 yards, 1 TD

Zack Moss only had 16 carries, but he exploded for 150 yards in pretty much one half. Moss had one great carry, going for 86 yards. Weber State may not be a football powerhouse, but 86 yards for a 215 pound running back isn’t bad. Moss also added three receptions, one of which was a touchdown. Moss looked good, but against Weber State, he should.

Game Day Grade: B+

Current Draft Stock: 4th Round

Chase Hansen

4 Total Tackles, 3 Solo Tackles

Chase Hansen and the Utah defense looked good. No one player racked up eye-poppingĀ stats, but they did look good as a unit. Utah held Weber State to a mere three first downs in the whole game. Utah also limited Weber State to 59 total yards of offense. I don’t care who the opponentĀ is, 59 total yards is a great defensive performance.

Gameday Grade: B

Current Draft Stock: 5th Round

Bradlee Anae

4 Total Tackles, 1 Solo Tackle

Bradlee Anae did not look like a star, but again he was part of a defense that gave up fewer than 60 yards. Anae was a constant force in the backfield, but when everyone on the defense is in the backfield, there are only so many tackles to be made. Anae will have many games this season where he can show off his ability.

Gameday Grade: B

Current Draft Stock: 4th Round

Julian Blackmon

2 Passes Defended

1 Tackle

Justin Blackmon has the ability to cover just about anyone, much less a small school receiver. Blackmon shut down receivers all night, defending two passes, and making one tackle. Blackmon has the size to make NFL teams fall in love, now we just need to see him put it together against blue-chip athletes.

Gameday Grade: B+

Current Draft Stock: 3rd Round

Austin Horn

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The transition from college sports to pro sports is one of the only times where production isn't an indicator of ability. A scouts job is to see why a player is good at the game and determine if they will be successful in a certain scheme. No matter how talented the scout, they will always get a few wrong, I'm just trying to minimize that.

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