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This was quite a solid performance in week 11 for the Cal Bears against a formidable USC Trojans football team. Despite such a low scoring game, Cal showed that they are an underestimated team that is now bowl-bound. Let’s look at how our prospects fared in this winning effort.

Patrick Laird, RB

Although he did not score, Laird’s effort was still key to this W. He managed to accrue 71 yards on 3.7 ypc and was the balancing act for this offense. His effort helped open up the passing offense as well as allow for Chase Garbers to run it in for a score.

Sometimes it’s not about highlights, it’s about doing your job to help the team. Safe to say that’s exactly what Laird did. Next week will be a tough one against the Stanford Cardinal. Cal will need Laird’s output to be equal or better to this week if they want to win.

Performance Grade: B

Draft Projection: 7th Round

Jake Curhan, OL

Talk about having a big day. Not only did this offense come out with a win, but Curhan and this o-line allowed only 1 sack. They held up strong and had their way with this defense. Again it’s about doing your job, and they definitely did their job to the fullest.

Next week though they will have to up their game. It won’t be a cakewalk against a Stanford team that likes to get after the QB. This line is experienced and tough, and they will need every bit of it to survive.

Performance Grade: B+

Draft Projection: 5th Round

Vic Wharton III, WR

If you want to talk about contributors, Wharton tops the list. While only having 2 receptions for 34 yards, his touchdown was easily key to the win. As I’ve said repeatedly it’s about doing your job and contributing within your role.

Next week against Stanford will be key for Wharton. Cal will need as much help as they can get, and hopefully, Wharton will help with that. Don’t be surprised if Wharton gets over 100 yards receiving.

Performance Grade: A

Draft Projection: 7th Round-Undrafted

Jordan Kunaszyk, LB

As usual, Jordan led the team in tackles (8) and was key in the victory. Despite falling behind at halftime, they shut out USC in the second half and gave the offense space. This man is the leader of this defense and has been a key force in every game so far. They will need his help going up against a top Stanford offense. No doubt next week will be a big test on whether he can make it in the NFL.

Performance Grade: B

Draft Projection: 6th Round

Camryn Bynum, CB

Much like Jordan Kunaszyk, Bynum was key to defeating the Trojans. He helped suffocate the passing game and filled his role to perfection (4 total tackles). Although he has been inconsistent this season, he has shown NFL teams that he is worthy of a roster spot.

He will need to show up again next week against a tough Stanford offense. It remains to be seen who he’ll cover, but he will get his workout in regardless.

Performance Grade: B

Draft Projection: 5th Round

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